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How To Solve Adsense Website Under Construction Issue

How To Solve Adsense Website Under Construction Issue

You have created your website and now you want to earn money from website with Adsense but suddenly a message appears on the adsense account that "Valuable Inventory:Under Construction" but no problem because i am sure that after reading this article you will be able to solve your problem.

Website Under Construction message appears when something is not complete on your website it can anything like pages,post or website itself and there are other reasons for this also so lets discuss the problem and get your problem solved right now.


if your website is not fully construct which means that your website is missing something like navigation to specific pages or posts, some links or buttons may be not working or posts doesn't contain much content. you should have at least 10-15 posts which are rich with content. Top menu, header or footer should work properly and they should be easier to use so make sure you make them clean and simple.


Make sure you are not making changes during approval because if google adsense found some changes before and after checking your website he may think that website is under construction and rejects your application for approval. Changes can be of anything like posts, pages, theme & labels etc.


If you will post during approval whether your website is fully constructed adsense may reject your approval this is because whenever you will apply for approval and at the time when adsense is checking your website and you upload some new post than adsense find some changes in the website and declares under construction message.


After you have followed above instructions you are good to go for approval and without any hindrance go for approval and you should get approval whithin required time. if you want to know more about adsense approval then you can visit google adsense policy and terms and conditions and also google adsense help forum

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