GUJARAT ma 2800 grad pay babate Shixako nu Virodh Pradarshan

GUJARAT ma 2800 grad pay babate ma Shixako e Virodh Pradarshan Karyu.

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"Rakheval" via Dailyhunt
23 October 2019, Gandhinagar

Of the tides 1 and above across the state. | More than five teachers from every district in every taluka protested on the banner of protest against the teachers' grade 4 pay and the grade pay in each district. According to the teachers, if the teachers with the recruitment of 5 were given the grade 1 pay and the recruiters of the 3 would get paid the grade, how could it be called justice? In the next ten days, if there is no settlement from the government regarding the 5th grade pay, a dam program will be organized in Gandhinagar by teachers of 1 and above. Regarding 2 grade pay, teachers of 1 and above are not ready to make any kind of compromise and 2 grade pay is not accepted at any cost.

The teachers said that it is not appropriate to relinquish their rights after all the teachers have degrees of BAD and MA. Before | Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has misinterpreted the issue but said that there is no financial loss to the teachers despite the fact that there is no financial loss to the teachers.

 The Department of Education has recruited approximately five school teachers in elementary schools across the state from year to year. Teachers gain nine, twenty and six years of higher pay. Thus, the first freshman's higher pay grade is payable to the admitted teachers after Year 1. But teachers of the state have alleged that the state education department has paid grades arbitrarily. From Grade Pay 1 All the teachers recruited after the reduction of 1 to 5 years, are facing an economic loss of Rs 1 to 3 thousand per month in salary. Teachers do not receive any benefits like promotion during the job. One dose is the benefit of higher pay. However, why only grade pay cuts were made by the primary teachers, why not cut the grade pay of other department staff or officers.



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