Tid Thi Bachava Mate na Upayo. | Teed thi Bachva Shu Karvu ?

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Tid Thi Bachava Mate na Upayo....

Teed thi Bachva Shu Karvu ?

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Tid Khetar ma Dekhay To atlu karo...⤵️⤵️⤵️

 Tid na Samachar banaskantha

     Nowadays the rate of online education is increasing. In developed countries like the United States, people use laptops or Google at home, like online schools, for online education. We too should move towards digital education, meaning online school without forgetting Indian culture.

Encourage the planning of creative activities. Keep an eye out for the student's preparation of this activity plan eg. Best from the West
Giving the student freedom to organize co-curricular activities.
To provide the experience of designing innovative models based on scientific theory, planning to model them, and building models using available resources. Demonstrates creativity in the design, planning and use of available resources... Protects flora and fauna.

Protection of flora and fauna.  Acquire, assimilate and appreciate such values ​​as cooperation, coordination, honest submission, proper use of resources.
To provide the kind of experiences that students use throughout the study to develop the scientific concepts they develop.
Provide children with opportunities for group activity. Determine the activity of each child in group work.
Keeping in mind that the child accepts the knowledge gained from experience and the teaching of scientific principles, rather than their own biases.
To provide experiences that introduce the life and work of scientists.  displays values ​​such as honesty, belongingness, cooperation, fear and prejudice.

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