5 % increase in inflation allowance of state government employees, arrears to be paid in three phases

A cabinet meeting of the state government was found today. It was decided to increase the dearness allowance of state government employees. Thus, with this decision, the State Government has given a New Year's gift to government employees and pensioners. The state government has increased the inflation allowance of all government employees and pensioners by five percent. The increase will come into effect from July 1, 2019, and its arrears will be paid in three phases. Thus, employees will now get 17 percent inflation allowance instead of 12 percent.


The teacher will encourage the children to do the following activities individually, in pairs or in groups.  The teacher will be able to recite the story in a loud voice. Students will read the story written. Giving students paper in the group, each member of the group will write one line of the story in an original way. Stories written will tell each other group to look for errors. The teacher will finish.
Read stories based on pictures and write stories in their own words.

Story reading, telling and writing
• The teacher will give simple instructions to the students. Students will respond. The teacher will then follow the instructions of the complex. Like ... Open your book and select one picture. (Individual students' behavior.) Listens, reads, and responds to complex instructions. Oral and written instructions
• The teacher will read the paragraphs, dialogues, descriptions in Swadhyaya while running the rectangle. True / False will ask Yes / No questions. Wh As will ask questions and conduct skimming and scanning activities. EN.8.03 sets out the given words, sentences and paragraphs in a meaningful context. Silent reading

Medical college to be set up in Godhra, Veraval, Kambhaliya, Botad, Morbi
In addition, the state government has decided to set up a new medical college in Godhra, Veraval, Khambhaliya, Botad and Morbi. Along with this, beds will be raised in existing hospitals. The proposal to upgrade existing hospitals to 300 bed hospitals will be sent to the central government. After which Rs. It will cost 1200 crores

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