MAHISAGAR District Jaher Raja List 2020 paripatra for Primary school

MAHISAGAR District Jaher Raja List 2020 paripatra for Primary school

            All schools in Gujarat affiliated to the state board and directorate of primary education will now have a common examination process monitored by the state education department. In a notification issued on Wednesday, the state government announced some significant decisions to be implemented from next academic year 2020-21. “All the schools that are affiliated with GSHSEB and Director, Primary Education will follow centralized assessment for sessional, annual and periodic exams across all grades from 3-12 to be conducted by GSHSEB and GCERT,” said Vinod Rao, secretary, primary and secondary education. The notification is part of the efforts to improve quality of education across all 55,000 government, grant-in-ad and self-financed schools affiliated to Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB). The teacher will write inaccurate examples of different sentence patterns on the board and instruct the students to correct them. The teacher will describe one of the events in the textbook, asking questions as to who is speaking that statement. Children will speak and organize the event in the correct order.


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           Teachers will read the paragraph and get it done and ask to be classified. Listen to short familiar stories and tell stories with helpful content. Listens, reads and responds to simple instructions. Listening to details, making pictures, toys and things.Reads dumb words and sentences in a meaningful context. Reads and interprets the story / paragraph. Transcribes meaningful sentences. Writes meaningful sentences. It uses appropriate words instead of deriving irrational words from the given details. Identifying details of the event as well as the characters, locations, and sequence of the story   The teacher will greet the students according to different situation / time and get responses from the students. In familiar situations respond to the greeting by greeting the event.

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MAHISAGAR District Jaher Raja List 2020 paripatra for Primary school
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