RAJKOT District Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school

RAJKOT District Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school
Gujarat Jaher Raja List 2020

Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school

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The teacher will tell a short familiar story using helpful material like pictures, cards, etc., and use appropriate gestures, gestures, students will tell a few parts of the story sequentially one by one and try to tell the whole story. Teacher will assist if needed. çlap ', etc., and it will take appropriate actions, rajkot jilla ni Jaher Raja list 2020,  give frequent rehearsals. Then just give instruction and students will respond. The teacher will take the paper to make something, give the paper to the students and interact with them and give proper instructions for making the toys or item and the students will follow this procedure. mrajkot jilla ni Jaher Raja list

               rajkot jilla ni Jaher Raja list 2020, The teacher will make silent reading, ask questions for the interpretation of the story or paragraph. During the reading of the story / paragraph, the teacher will not say some words intentionally and students will say or speak those words. The teacher will show the student a transcript sample through a paragraph on the board - the punctuation marks, capital letters, small letters etc. rajkot jilla ni Jaher Raja list 2020 in the paragraphs will be taken into consideration and the students will write them down.  The teacher will write three to five sentences with proper accents - punctuation, pause and middle speed and loud. rajkot jilla ni Jaher Raja list 2020,  The teacher will write inaccurate examples of different sentence patterns on the board and instruct the students to correct them. The teacher will describe one of the events in the textbook, asking questions as to who is speaking that statement. Children will speak and organize the event in the correct order. rajkot jilla ni Jaher Raja list 2020

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RAJKOT District Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school
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