Shala Praveshotsav ane Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav 2020 Paripatra

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           shala parvesotsav ane kanya kelvani mahotsav 2020 babat date: 15/02/2020 no letter.
Shala Praveshotsav ane Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav 2020 Paripatra
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Your level information on this should be given to the concerned concerned. According to the survey in the district, the taluka number of children admitted is available here. Sending in the attached letter by 05/04/2020. As per census-2011 this year, the female literacy rate in the village which is less than 50% and the girl who gets BPL family in urban area gets admission in Std-1. 2000 / - provision has been made to issue a Vidyalakshmi Bond, so as mentioned above, girls from the area and family who will get admission in Standard-I will get Rs. 2000 / - will be given a Vidyalakshmi bond. Thus, the accuracy of the survey of accessible children should be maintained.

The girls who have got admission in standard-1 in the primary school belonging to the town primary education committee will have to be given separately as above and the number of girls who got admission in the previous year 2019/20 and how many girls were given bond.

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Shala Praveshotsav ane Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav 2020 Paripatra below Link
date: 15/02/2020
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