Junagadh School Marge Paripatra and Marge School List 2020

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Junagadh Jillo school marge ange ni yaadi Ane Order.

Gujarati primary school marge Related news 2020 junagadh district.
Letter date 09/03/2020

            Conduct simple experiments and activities to examine the observations and observations of everyday events, situations, processes such as how a flower blooms, the weight gain by the litter and without the lizard. Reading of bus / train tickets / schedules / currency notes etc. and studying directors, signboards to find places on the map.  Use of local and unused objects to create pictures, diagrams, collages, templates, poems, stories, formulas. (Such as the use of clay to make animals, birds, vehicles, trains, furniture from utensils, empty pockets of cardboard and cardboard.)  Participate in dance, drama, creative writing and creative works, etc., in connection with celebrations like prayers, exhibitions, Deepavali, Onam, Eid, Prithvidin at various cultural, national and local social festivals / occasions held at home, school and society. (E.g., making lamps, Rangoli, kite making, replica of building and bridge, story, song / poem, slogan, celebration report, creative writing, etc.)  Obtain and study resources other than textbook such as books, details in newspapers, audio-visual media, stories, poetry, illustrations, tactile identities, finished materials, web resources, libraries and other resources.

Junagadh School Marge Paripatra and Marge School List. 

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                 Inquiries, discussions, logical concerns from the elders / teachers / coordinators / guardians of the home / society, reduce the reuse and misuse of home, school and surrounding objects, proper use and maintenance of public property, animal care, water pollution and waste, health and hygiene. Think critically and give opinions based on your own experiences. Caring for and obtaining information about the limited participation or restrictions of women, the elderly or children in daily activities / sports activities utilizing public places and resources (due to disability, race or old age).  Actively participate in groupwork and take initiative to take care, empathy, leadership. Eg. T Prepares various indoor / outdoor games, activities for the care of local herbs, feeding of animals, surrounding things, projects for the care of elders and infants, and role-play. Discuss the details of their district (such as sightseeing and landmarks, animal husbandry, farming, folklife, etc.) by discussing with the elders, teachers and informants on a map basis.

Khadia girls of Junagadh taluka under the control of the District Education Committee, Junagadh. According to the report received from Radat-1 at Khadi Kumar Primary School under Rowe School, Std. Due to the low number of students in grades 1 to 5, it has been decided to close the school. According to the resolution of the plain-4 and the sanction received from night-7, the Khadia girls of Junagadh taluka administered by the Junagadh District Education Committee. According to the report presented at the Khadi Kamara Primary School under Rowe, Std. It is ordered to close the main school due to the shortage of students in grades 1 through 5. - Khadia Kumar Elementary School Students close to Khadia Girls pay to students studying in closed school Sec It is also ordered to transfer to primary school. Instructions - (1) Implementation of this order. Must be done from the new academic year beginning on 20/04/2020. (All the material records, furniture, school building, educational literature etc. in the closed school will have to be submitted to Khediya Kanya Pa. Pvt. School.) The action taken on this will have to be reported to the office here. Khadia Kanya Pvt. Pvt. School Principal appears to be done. (1) Khadia Koo While giving admission to Khadia Kanya Pa. Primary School to the students of Std. 5 to 8 of the Primary School. (1) Kadia Kumar Pvt. Information of excessive teachers in the school and vacancy of taluka. Ri, Junagadh will be represented in the establishment of branch office here

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Junagadh School Marge Paripatra and Marge School List 2020
School Marge List DOWNLOAD ORDER