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                 Regarding the above subject and reference to state that the reference letter of the office here - instructions to prepare a copy case based on the CCTV camera footage of Std-10 (SSC), Std-12 general stream as well as Std-12 science stream examination taken from 1st to March 2020 as well as Presentation sent as well as reference letter - Rathi was asked to do the above work. The Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education had instructed to postpone the process of CD chewing of CCTV footage of Std. By Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education From the letter dated 13/04/2020, it has been instructed to start the work of central evaluation of Std. According to which the operation of CD viewing is also to be started as per the guideline of the health department (taking care of serial distance, sanitizer, mask etc.). The priority in this operation will be to view the CD of Std-12 Science stream, Std-10 and then Std-12 general stream. त. It is requested to take necessary action in this regard immediately.

➡️1. This operation will not have to be done in the CCTV observation center in the red zone and the center in that area will have to be shifted to another school in the green zone or orange zone.

 ➡️2. Teachers, technical staff as well as other officers / staff living in the red zone will not have to be called for this operation. Y will have to make the necessary arrangements in that regard.
 ➡️4. Every employee working on the CCTV observation center will be required to wear a mask.

➡️5. Adequate soap sanitizers should be made available to every employee working on the CCTV observation center.
➡️6. The ccTV observation center will have to visit the medical staff and ensure that the health rules are followed.
➡️7. The instructions given by the Health Department and the Government regarding Koro will have to be strictly followed.

➡️8. Teachers coming for operation at CCTV Observation Center. Necessary action will have to be taken from your level regarding the permission given to the technical staff as well as other officers / employees involved in this work by the revenue and police system.


 Language is a special blessing bestowed on human beings. Language is a medium of expression. Human beings express their thoughts, feelings, opinions, opinions by speaking or writing everything. Thus, as language is a powerful medium of expression, human beings also use language to acquire knowledge of various subjects - history, art, literature, etc. and that is why students are expected to acquire mother tongue education properly. It is also our goal to develop students holistically through language. Mother tongue plays an important role in the intellectual, cultural, personal and social development of a student. Knowledge of other subjects also needs to be enriched as the mother tongue is Gujarati. What are the main features of mother tongue education at primary and upper primary school level? Let's think about it in detail. 1. We are familiar with the four main skills of cognitive language teaching - listening, speaking, reading and writing. All four skills can be said to be mastered when students listen well, read, understand, understand and understand what is written, as well as say whatever they want to say correctly. 
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             The most important purpose of language learning is goal interpretation. It doesn't matter if the student reads mechanically, the most important thing is whether he has understood the essence of everything he has read. It is not enough for a student to read a paragraph, a poem, a lesson or other reading-writing material. But reading and understanding language is an important goal of education. Listening, reading and seeing mean a lot to Vidya. Interpretation is also done through gestures, signs, pictures, acting etc. It requires class-wise activity. 2. Expression - Communication Communication is also an important goal of language learning. Thoughts, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, new feelings and sensations arising in the human mind are expressed orally or in writing. In addition, gestures, gestures, gestures are also the means of communication. But the communication through it is limited and incomplete. Acquiring speaking and writing skills of language makes expression meaningful, powerful and empowering. The art of communication must be acquired by the students. Because he needs to follow her every step of the way. Good communication is very important for one person to understand what the other person is trying to say. If there is a positive and correct direction between teacher-student, student-teacher, school-community, then the expected achievement in education could be achieved.