AHMADABAD District Jaher Raja List 2020 pdf

Amdavad jilla ni Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school

The teacher will dictate paragraphs, dialogues and descriptions in the classroom or unit while conducting the rectangle.

· Ask the group to read the paragraph. He will then ask questions.

· paragraph paragraphs will be created.

· Will perform and perform skimming and scanning activities.

AHMADABAD District Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school
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              computes words, sentences, and paragraphs in a meaningful context. Interpretation Interpretation, Questions Answers, Understand the story, paragraph and poem. Interpretation, The teacher will write the sample for the students to write on the board. The incoming capital letters will draw children's attention to punctuation.

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 AHMADABAD District Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school, Writing paragraph paragraph. mListening to sentences or phrases, writing, The teacher will put examples of different patterns on the board. AMADAVAD District Jaher Raja List 2020 for Primary school

· The words, including the error of this pattern, will be written on the sentences board.
· The teacher will ask the students to find the error. He will then ask to write the words or sentences in his nodhapothi.
· The above sentence will be written on the teacher board. Will read it. Will ask to find out what is irrational in it. Upon receiving the answer, the sentence will be corrected and asked to write it.

Corrects a statement by extracting irrational words from the given statements.
The group will ask to classify the details of the paragraph.

Ask to see if there are pictures.

· Ask questions to find out details.

· The student will ask to classify the table details in the group.

classifies pictures and paragraph detail.
Information transfer, paragraph from picture
Teacher tailored to different situation / time good morning / good afternoon / how are you? Will greet. Students will respond to Greetings Zili.  The teacher will communicate in pairs and repeat it, giving familiar situations / occasions. Will help students to be greeted in their daily practice. (Will provide example)

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ahmedabad District Jaher Raja List 2020

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You can see the holiday of this district from the number of district holidays declared in the government primary schools in different districts.

transcribes the paragraph. Capitalization and punctuation, The teacher will write three to four sentences of syllabus to the children with clear voice, medium speed and proper motivations.

Sometimes the teacher will speak at a normal pace and with one word very slowly. Sometimes the teacher will just say a word with a fluttering lip. The teacher will dictate the sentences to the students. Create a group of students and ask them to write the group. Thnaks for Visit.