News about starting schools and summer vacation from July 2020

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Teaching-Learning Process in Study Materials
The teacher will tell a short and familiar story twice with the help of supporting materials such as pictures, cards or other materials. The teacher will divide the story into two parts and tell the first part of the story to the children considering the gestures, ascents and descents.  One or two words of the sentence will be spoken slowly. Those words will ask the children. The teacher will tell a short story to the students without supporting material. Some of those sentences will ask students. After the story is over the teacher will ask the students to tell the story.

News about starting schools and summer vacation from July 2020
School ma unalu vacation ane school start karva ange News....
GUJARAT school starting news

 Listening to stories tells the story in his own words.  may propose and accept or reject. Creates pictures, toys and other items by listening and reading details. reads the words, sentences and paragraphs given in a semantic context.
EN.7.05 Understands and interprets story, paragraph and poem.
EN.7.06 translates paragraph.
Shrut writes paragraph EN.7.07.
EN.7.08 corrects a statement by extracting irrational words from a given statement.
EN.7.09 Details the event as well as the characters, locations and chronology of the story. classifies the details of pictures and paragraphs.

News about starting schools and summer vacation from July 2020
School start karva ange news 2020
GUJARAT school starting news 2020

                 loan word Knows and uses about 500 new words. Receives and gives general introductions of strangers. Indicates the location and locations of objects. describes actions performed in a familiar field. derives the relationship between reading and pronunciation. describes future prospects and plans.  reads English available in the local environment. writes / replies to friends and acquaintances. Reads story books, children's magazines, current affairs letters from the library. Details of table graphs, drawings or maps. compares and presents matters pertaining to its environment. describes the processes involved in the field of study.  uses the dictionary.
             The thing, animal, bird, says with their own feelings, including the likes / dislikes of the traits that individuals like. describes a picture or object in five to seven sentences. Writes paragraphs from words, phrases and other information. Enjoy English rhythms.
EN.7.33 selects an option from the given options for the development of an incomplete story. prepares a visiting card in English.

The teacher will give the students simple instructions like stand up. Immediately the teacher will say let’s sit down and all the students including the teacher will sit down.
The teacher will take a paper and also give the Tevaj paper to the students.  Teacher let’s fold the paper. (He will do it himself.)  Students will do as instructed. Thus two to three processes will be done with the example. (The teacher will first rehearse such simple instructions.)
The whole process of making a paper boat will be done by the teacher speaking and processing. Students will also follow this process.
Students will work in pairs (one student will speak the process and the other student will build a paper boat accordingly.)
The teacher will recite the paragraphs, dialogues and descriptions in the exercise or unit while running the prose.
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