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June school news 2020


Create a group of students and ask them to dictate in a group.
The teacher will put examples of different patterns on the board.
Write words, sentences including the error of this pattern on the board.
The teacher will ask the students to find the error. He will then ask you to write the words or sentences in his notebook.
E.g. I did buy a new car.
The above sentence will be written by the teacher on the board. Will read it. Will ask to find out what is irrational in it. After receiving the answer, he will correct the sentence and ask him to write it.
The teacher will describe the incident / story.
Who speaks this sentence? He will ask.
Ask the children to present the dialogue of the event / story in pairs.
The teacher will read the paragraph.
Will ask to read the paragraph.
The group will ask to classify the details of the paragraph.
Ask them to observe if there are pictures.
Will ask questions to sort out the details.
The student will be asked to classify the details of the table in the group.

Teacher adapts to different situations / times good morning / good afternoon / how are you? Will salute like. Students will respond to the applause Zilli.
The teacher will give a familiar situation / occasion and communicate in pairs as well as rehearse it. It will help students to be able to applaud in their daily practice. (Will provide an example) The teacher will pre-prepare the dialogue with the help of the student. Students will then interact in pairs.
S-1: Will you give me your pen?
S-2: Here it is.
S-1: Thank you.

The response will use words like you are welcome, thank you, sure.
The teacher will ask inversion questions using did in which he will get a short answer like yes / no.
S-1: Did you get up at seven o’clock?
S-2: Yes / No