school teachers were tasked with working at Covid-19 Hospital

Vacation is opening soon but the government is considering how to use teachers in such a situation if children cannot come to school due to lockdown.

School teachers have to work at Kovid-19 Hospital

Gandhinagar:- The state government gujarat has reaped huge benefits in Gujarat following the order to close educational complexes, including schools and colleges, due to the transition of corona. The children do not have to go to school but the teachers are new and the government is paying them so they have decided to use them. The process of organizing teachers on vacation has been started in all the Kovil hospitals in Gujarat. First of all, teachers have been given duty in Kovil hospitals in Ahmedabad. These teachers have to gather children in government programs. Have to work at election time.

The school’s teachers were tasked with working at Covid-19 Hospital

Teachers are at the forefront of the census. In addition to academic work, teachers also do other government work. After a discussion on where these teachers can be arranged, the government has decided that medical staff in Kovil hospitals now have to be staffed so that they cannot work in the service of corona patients so the responsibility of helpdesk in hospitals has been given to these teachers. The government has first appointed teachers on helpdesks in 42 Kovid hospitals in Ahmedabad. A total of 160 teachers in the city have been assigned this responsibility, although teachers will have to work shifts. If the experiment is successful, teachers will be hired on the helpdesk of Kovid hospitals across the state. The academic session is yet to start in June. The government will fix a specific date in July, so the newly appointed teachers are being assigned to the hospital's helpdesk. However, no remuneration has been fixed for this duty.

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