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The teacher will now make a list of the various activities to be done in the next week and ask the children to present it by making a sentence. Like .... we will play game on Monday. Will present to the class about travel, tourism, celebrations, daily routine, what he wants to be, etc. Both written and oral questions can be asked about the wrapper, bill, ticket, table, graph, box, bag, visiting card, machines and device by giving the above information and instructions, advertisements, sign board etc. to the children.


teacher related useful NEWS

teacher related useful NEWS

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Th teacher will provide examples of letters such as invitation letter, thank you letter, request letter (borrowed pen, dictionary etc.), request letter, congratulatory letter, letters asking for information, letters giving information about travel visits, letters showing details of activities done etc. He will then create a pair of students in the class to play the role of such correspondence between the pairs. In this way children will correspond in pairs by e-mail.

The teacher will allow the student to read story books, magazines, current letters, information on the Internet, etc. He will then ask the student to write a summary of the details read and present it to the class by the students. Provide personal guidance where needed. The teacher will present tables, graphs, maps, cards, and forms to the class. Students will be brain stormed based on that detail and the details will be noted on the board. Ask the children to write those sentences in paragraph form.


The teacher will pair the work cause according to the given example. Swapnil is happy. He won the match. A question will be asked from him. Will ask to find such sentences from the textbook. The teacher will give a story to the students and ask them to write sentences with words like and, but separately. Now introduce such words that can be used and ask them to connect with such words. Will give children more practice through activities.

The teacher will ask the children to find unfamiliar words from the dictionary. Will give children information about word spelling. The teacher will present the story event. The story will ask questions about what the characters like or dislike about the event. What would he do if he was in the place of the characters? Will ask such questions. The teacher will give different pictures or words related to the thing. Ask them to write a paragraph using these words. The paragraph will be presented to the class.

teacher related useful NEWS

The teacher will play a rhyme / action song. At the end of the action song / Rhyme, students will be asked to work in pairs to move it forward. One student of the pair will give the corresponding word. Another student will continue the rhyme / action song. The teacher will start a story and leave it unfinished. Forming a group of students will give them a paper. Each student in the group will note one line for the next sequence of the story. And that will complete the story. The completed story will be presented to the class.

The teacher will make the student discuss a topic and write the words on the board. Write a paragraph using sentences using these words. Have a group report on the school celebrations. Provide input / guidance as required. Assigning the prepared report to another group for editing. To submit these reports to the class by the group.