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           A paragraph writing competition can also be organized to show children the ideal writing pattern and to write beautiful legible handwriting using punctuation.
      Guide them also into the good behaviors and to avoid displaying some profane ones. Observing the picture. Questioning based on the picture. Select and describe sentences based on the picture.
      Make sentences based on giving students words.  Giving different pictures of the story or event to be observed then writing paragraphs from the given pictures

std 10 home study materials
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To present a sample of leave. Writing leave letter according to stage.  To give words other than contract such as mobile-plane then to make a line based on it.  I took a photo of the plane from my mobile. Can't talk on mobile in the plane. Demonstrate pictures and query based on them. Get the answer written down.

Std 10 home study book with Answer key.

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Ask imaginary nutritional questions on any topic. Involve students in group essay writing using the answers obtained. Introduce students to each other in group work. Creating an environment where you have to deal with local organizations, shopkeepers. Interviewing professionals or experienced individuals. Ask students to come to school after reading advertisements or public notice boards. Have the students discuss the Advertising Board. Discuss favorite characters and dialogues from read books.  Provide adequate examples of proverbs and idioms to experiment with its sentences.

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Can sing songs, rhymes, national anthem. Can tell a story. Can participate in various sports. Can classify. Creative activities: can do drawing, pottery, paperwork. Can identify directions and name them. The main idea can be understood from the details heard. Strangers can understand conversation. Can answer questions. Can read the text aloud. This can transliterate familiar sentences. Familiar words can dictate sentences.

  Can write simple descriptive sentences with the help of a teacher. Vocabulary can be developed through vocabulary. Can do self-study as per instruction given. Can tell about the habitat of animals, birds and insects. Can characterize different occupations. Can tell about the local botanical world. Understand the details of national holidays and participate in its celebrations. Can tell about eating habits. Can tell the different parts-organs of a plant.
          Will understand story, songs, poems, descriptions and riddles, rhymes, jokes as well as dialogues. Listening to conversations and dialogues in familiar situations can make sense. Understand through games, activities, interviews. Can read, listen and understand requests, suggestions, commands and questions. Poems, stories can be seen, heard and understood with the help of audio-visual aids.

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