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STD 6 To 8 School Autometic Vali Sammati Patrak Download 2021 for primary school.

Adherence to every single one the above guidelines will be in the profit of the students by the apprehensive area administration, borough important schooling officeholder / Govt. Officer, Taluka central instruction policewoman and educate Headmaster / Principal intriguing into deliberation the neighboring situation.

Making students' stay safe in school All students and staff to arrive at school wearing a face cover/mask and continue wearing it all through, especially when in class, or doing any activity in groups, such as eating in the mess, working in the laboratories or reading in the libraries. Ensure and educate children not to exchange masks with others. To the extent possible schools may adopt contactless process for attendance, classroom participation, assessment and learning including online submissions etc. for both students and staff members. 

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State Government's decision in the wider interest of students pursuing primary education,State Government's decision in the wider interest of students pursuing primary education


વાલીએ આપવાનું સંમિતિ પત્રક ઓટોમેટિક એક્સલ ફાઈલ-1. 

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   Simple health screening of students and staff may be carried out daily, and updates be maintained. 

School Vali Sammati Patrak Download 2021

Every child needs to learn how to cough or sneeze into a tissue or elbow and avoid touching face, eyes, mouth, and nose. Sensitize all stakeholders in school about the ban on spitting.

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 Availability of necessary equipment like gloves, face cover/ masks, hand washing soaps for sanitation staff/workers. Encourage students (to whom mid-day meals are not served) to bring and eat home cooked and nutritious food and avoid sharing food and utensils with others. No outside vendor should be allowed to sell any eatables inside the school premises or at the entry gate/point.

The tender age of children may be kept in mind while giving these instructions and advice, which may be explained gently in a way that they can understand. In case some children are not following instructions, parents may be taken into confidence to assist teachers. Download Parents Permission related All File for primary school Teachers.

Give responsibility to teachers and willing students (with parental consent from class VI onwards) on a rotation basis to monitor observing of physical Isocial distancing norms at different places and also students' behavior like frequently touching own face or handshake with other students, etc. 

         Ensure Safe Commuting of Students Sanitization of school transportation on regular basis at least twice a day once before children board the transport and once after. School Driver and conductor should maintain physical distance at all times and ensure physical/social distancing among students in the bus/cab.

Officiel Circular download below Link..
Matter of starting Std-6 to 8 classes in all the board's primary schools in the state.