7th pay DA: From 1st July 2021, DA of central employees will be 28% ! How much salary with 28% DA

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7th pay :- From 1st July 2021, DA of central employees will be 28% !  Find out how much the salary will increase ?

The Central Government has announced DA approval for 52 lakh employees of the country. The steps taken by the Government will increase the salaries of Central employees in the country.  According to the data release, between January and June 2021, at least DA could grow by 4%.

 Once the DA is approved, the DA of central employees may increase from 17% to 28%, including a 3% increase in DA from January to June 2020, a 4% increase from July to December 2020 and a 4% increase from January to June 2021.

28% da news

28 parentage DA News for Central Government Employers.

The government has recently decided to increase the family pension by two and a half times.  The limit of family pension has been increased from Rs 45,000 per month to Rs 1.25 lakh.  The Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare has issued pension notices to the children / pensioners of deceased government employees.

Official source news in gujarat samachar Link :- www.gujaratsamachar.com/news/business/7th-pay-commission-central-govt-employees-da-will-be-increase-from-17-percent-to-28-percent

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 The Family Pension Scheme 1971 provides that in case of death during the period of service of the employee, the family pension is mainly paid to the widow or widower of the employee.  The government has doubled the pension.  It has long been demanded by employees.

Da news april 2021

 As the Center has announced to give all the three pending DA installments from July 1, 2021.  The DA was suspended by the government due to the Corona virus epidemic.  As DA increases, so will DR.  Dearness Relief (DR) of retired Central Government employees will also be sanctioned due to increase in inflation allowance.
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