Modi government's grand plan to free Indians from corona forever, third dose of corona vaccine will be given.

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Modi government's grand plan: third dose of corona vaccine will be given. By Sandesh news.

The country is currently being given two doses of Corona Vaccine.  Preparations have also been made to give a third dose.  This will be called a booster dose.  A panel of experts has approved the third dose of Covexine vaccine from Bharat Biotech.  The third booster dose will be given 6 months after the second dose.

The advantage of this third dose is that the new variant of the Corona virus will provide protection and the new Corona New Strain will not be mutated.  Experts say that the third booster dose of Bharat Biotech's own vaccine Covaxin should be given first to volunteers who have been part of their clinical trials.
        Bharat Biotech also proposed to the government that after the third dose, the body's immunity against Corona would increase for many years.  Only then has a panel of experts approved a booster dose.

કોરોના રસીનો ત્રીજો ડોઝ

 On the proposal of Bharat Biotech, the committee of subject experts said that the study of booster dose should be done on volunteers with a second phase clinical trial.  These volunteers received two doses of 6 micrograms of covacin.  The booster dose will be given first to people who took the second dose of covacin in September or October last year.

Modi government's grand plan to free Indians from corona forever.

third dose of corona vaccine in all india

These volunteers will be divided into two groups.  One group will be given a third booster dose.  The changes in the bodies of volunteers from both groups will then be studied.  It will also study how long the effect of covacin lasts.  How the body's immune system is boosted after being vaccinated against coronavirus.

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India CORONA LIVE Case Today's. Fighting Corona virus after the third booster dose will cost much less.  The risk of people getting the infection will also be reduced.  At the same time, another wave of Corona virus will take time.  Even if the wave comes, it will not prove to be harmful.  It will also be easier to control.  One dose may be needed once a year after a booster dose.  Scientists of the country are working in this direction.

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