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gujarat Teachers Jillafer latest list 2021 - 22. Concrete and effective efforts were made by the Education Department of the State of Gujarat to ensure that the education of the students was not disrupted during the difficult times of the Koro epidemic.  Home learning started on DD Girnar channel as soon as the new semester opened.  The children of the entire state of Gujarat were able to take advantage of this even while staying at home.  

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Similarly, digital content was made available through QR code through Gujarat Virtual School and Diksha app which could be very useful to children.

Teachers also did as much teaching as possible through the Microsoft app in their own way.  It should also be noted that the literature of "Learn at Home" has also become very helpful. In the end, we all tried to ensure that even in such a difficult situation, parents and students do not get frustrated and the mentality that children are not studying at home is created.  We have all largely succeeded in our goal.  Yet we are aware of the limitations of these efforts.

The first is that such a wide range of digital learning experiences was new to all of us.  In general, our children are accustomed to real education.  Through Biseg we have been broadcasting distance learning programs there for over a decade, not only to complement the mainstream of education, but also to teach children digitally in groups in the presence of a teacher at the school and in the digital medium.

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 There is a lot of difference.  Also, it is possible that not every child across the state has the same availability of mobile or TV so many students may have been deprived of education due to lack of mobile phone or TV or any other reason in this situation in the new academic year  Before studying the conclusions, it is imperative that students develop skills in the minimum required learning conclusions of the previous class.

 To this end, GCERT is preparing a literature for teachers in which mapping the required study findings of the previous standard attached to it for each standard.

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It also provides guidance on the proposed activities and resources required to teach the study findings so that teachers can provide appropriate guidance to students in the coming year.  It is imperative to diagnose LEARNING LOSS in the previous year.
ધો. 1 થી 5 ની શાળાઓ શરૂ કરવા નું નિવેદન:- અહીંથી વાંચો.

 Which can also be done based on the result of the first session diagnostic test.  In addition, in the new academic year, effective work must be done in the direction of the basic things that have not been taught properly.  E.g.  The first chapter in Standard 5, "Study Conclusions in the National Fruit Mango" deals with a large number.