1st July 2021 Primary School Time Change Related Rajuat

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Subject for Primary School Time Changing Updates.

Matter of keeping primary school time in the morning.  Sahebshree, Jayabharat Saha to state that in the present times children are exempted from coming to school due to the epidemic of corona and D.D.  Online education is provided to the children through Girnar television channel.

Online School Education And Time In Gujarat.

While online education is currently going on in Gujarat, it has been introduced that school time should be in the morning.  The online school program has been started by the Department of Education under the auspices of Home Study Learning.  Which has proved effective in continuing education.

Normally school time is from noon on 1st July but currently online education is being given on Corona epidemic especially in the morning when the parents of the children are at home and it is easy to contact them and hence it is easy to give online education to the children.

1st July 2021 Primary School Time Update News.

શાળાનો સમય બપોરનો રાખવા અંગે પરિપત્ર તા 29/06/2021 
Godhara District Circular 2021
School time change

Therefore, as long as the children do not come to school and online education continues, we demand to keep the school time in the morning keeping in view the child and parents.



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