Convenience to transfer PF money to your account. Launch of special facility of EPFO.

PF money will be transferred to your account in an hour, EPFO ​​has launched a special facility.

Talk of work: Now PF money will be transferred to your account in an hour, EPFO ​​has launched a special facility.

EPFO has launched a special facility so that people do not have to face financial problems in medical emergencies during the Corona period.  Under which you can now easily withdraw Rs 1 lakh in an hour from your PF account.  You can withdraw this money in case of any emergency.  This feature allows anyone to withdraw money from a PF account.

Earlier, a medical bill had to be submitted.

 According to the EPFO, even before this, money could be withdrawn from the EPF during a medical emergency, but for that you had to submit a medical bill first.  But this medical advance is different than the previous service.  You do not have to submit any bill.  All you have to do is apply and the money will be transferred to your account.

 How can money be withdrawn?

 To withdraw money from PF, the employee must first login to EPFO's official website
 As soon as the website opens, enter UAN and password and captcha on the right side and click sign in.

 On the page that opens, click on the online Services tab on the right and select Form (Form-31,19,10C and 10D) from the drop-down list.

 You can see the details of the member here.  Now to verify and enter the last four digits of your bank account on 'Yes'.

Launch of special facility of EPFO.

 Select Form No. 31 on the second page.
 Choose your cause.  Enter the expected amount and upload a scanned copy of the passbook and enter your address.
 Then you will see 'I want to apply for' which you have to click on  Then click on ‘Proceed for online claim’.

Some conditions for online claim.

  • UAN must be activated.
  • Your verified support must be linked to UAN.
  • The bank account with the IFSC code should be linked to the UAN.

 Withdrawal of Rs 1 lakh will result in a reduction of Rs 1.56 lakh on retirement.
 According to estimates, if you have 30 years left in your retirement and you withdraw Rs 1 lakh from your PF account now, it will affect your retirement fund by Rs 11.56 lakh.  Find out here how much money will affect your retirement fund.

ખેડૂતોના દેવા અંગે સરકારનો જવાબ:- વિડીયો જુઓ

Do not withdraw money from PF fund unless necessary.

 Money management experts believe that PF withdrawals should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.  It is earning interest at 8.5%.  The more you withdraw from the PF at this point, the greater the impact on the retirement fund.

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