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What does Apple's CEO think about the 'excessive' use of technology ?

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ગુણોત્સવ પરિણામ 202-23 રાજ્યની તમામ શાળાઓમાં તમારી શાળાનો ક્રમ

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said some remarkable things in an interview.  His remarks were not focused on what kind of technology Apple is developing.  Instead, he talked more about avoiding overuse of technology.  This also applies to our everyday use of smartphones.
Apple's iPhone or iPad for creativity, not mindless, endless scrolling.

 On various social sites, the more we scroll the page, the more new content is added.  In the same way, on various news sites, on any page now, after the completion of the original news section, various useless, useless or totally meaningless advertisements start appearing and also endless scrolling, it never ends !   Aza Ruskin, a developer who developed the technology for this Infinite Scrolling, has said that he regrets working.

 “I’ve always believed that technology is for man’s service, it shouldn’t be upside down,” Cook said.  People are overuse of technology and I have always been concerned about this.  That’s why we developed the idea of ​​screen time, so people know how much time they’re actually spending on their device.

Team Cook said he meditates to avoid everyday stress and spends as much time outdoors as possible !

But some time ago, when it came out that malware was infiltrating our phones with this app, people lost faith in it.  Then, along with other Chinese apps, the scanner was also banned.

 Nowadays if you are looking for a good app to digitalize your documents then the work can be done with the help of Adobe company app and scanner in Google Drive.  Alternatively, you can try your hand at the Google Photos app.

So, this app is great for saving family photos, but you can also save a digital image of everyday bills, receipts, etc. if you want. There is nothing special about saving such documents digitally by taking their image and storing them in the Photos app, but if you also want to print it, you may need to crop it to remove the unnecessary part.

અદાણી ગ્રુપ અંગે આજના લેટેસ્ટ સમાચાર

રાજકોટ વય નિવૃતિ થનાર શિક્ષકોની યાદી 2023

 The latest version of the Google Photos app adds the ability to crop a photograph (whether it's a document image or anything else).  This, by selecting any photo, it was possible to crop it in edit mode, but it could only crop the photo in a straight line, now we have the facility to crop it the way we want.

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 For this, by selecting any photo and going into edit mode, it is possible that you will be informed that a crop feature has been added in a blue button at the bottom right.  If no such notification is received, click on the nine dots icon.  Now you.  Crop document extension can be found.

22/07/2022 નો UNIT TEST માં ફેરફાર અંગે

     Selecting this extension, you will see four dots in all four corners of the whole image.  Crop the image as you wish by dragging any dot.  To add precision to the cropping, the zoomed part of our cropping dot will appear in a circle.  Or let the system cropping as it pleases by pressing the auto button below. 

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Download Gunotsav 2.0 Suchano : Click Here

       After clicking the Done button, Google will save a copy of the image we cropped, all we have to do is click the Save button above.

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 Creating an album of documents in the Photos app will make it easier to search for the desired documents.  If you want to search any word in the document, the app will find you an image with that word !