Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Questions and Answers pdf in Gujarati

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Gujarat Gyan Guru (G3q) Online Quiz Questions and Answers pdf in Gujarati.

હાલ ચાલુ જ્ઞાન ગુરુ કવિઝના પ્રશ્નો નીચે લિંકમાં આપેલ છે. 👇 👇

Respect. Chief Minister Shri Bhupendrabhai Patelji next date. Launching of the country's largest 'Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz' on July 7 at Science City. The country's largest 'Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz' Competition to be held in Gujarat A historic mega quiz competition has been organized by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat for more than 25 lakh students. 

 In addition to all students studying at 9th to 12th school level, college and university level, ordinary citizens who are not state students will also be able to participate in the quiz. Prizes of Rs 25 crore and study tour will be given. The state level winners of the quiz competition will be visited for three days in India. for School and College.

 1. How much financial assistance is given to farmers under Pradhan Mantri Sanman Nidhi Yojana ? 
2. How have farmers benefited from Gujarat Government's Soil Health Card Scheme ? 
3. Which portal has proved to be a boon for farmers ? 
4. The number of check dams in Gujarat have increased from 3500 to how many in last 20 years ? 
5. What is the length of the canal network constructed in Gujarat in the last 20 years ?

6. Which card assists the farmers to know the most suitable crop for their land ? 
7. In agriculture , what is the full form of PMKSY ? 
8. Which website Gujarat Government has launched for workers through which they can register and get free Shram card ? 
9. Which special university was established by Gujarat Government to offer courses on child development ? 
10. Which campaign is launched by the Government of Gujarat to evaluate quality of primary education and to grade teachers and schools ?

11. Which category is aimed for boosting electrification under ' Kutir Jyoti Programme ' ?
12. Under which scheme the free metered connection for economically poor households is provided ?
13. Which Scheme ensures round the clock electricity supply to farmers and rural household ?
14. Who announced ' Surya Gujarat Solar Roof Top Scheme ' ?
15. What is the target of the Government of India for renewable energy by 2022 ?

16. In which scheme farmers can generate own electricity by using solar panels in the farms and can increase their income ?
17. What is the age limit of the applicant for the ' Jyoti Gramodyog Yojana ' ?
18. How many numbers of beneficiaries are reported under ' Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna ' upto July 2022 ?
19. What is the emphasis on the safety of poor families given under the ' Targeted Public Distribution System ' scheme ?
20. Under which scheme the poorest of the poor families of Gujarat state receive the food grains at subsidized cost ?

21. What is the total number of population where fair price shop is available for the city areas of Gujarat state ? 
22. What is the term ' Pandit Deendayal Grahak Bhandar ' used for ? 
23. Under which scheme does the Government of India allocate wheat and rice for the safety and security of the poor of the Gujarat state ? 
24. Which card holders have been given one liter of oil per card at concessional rates by the Government of Gujarat during Janmashtami and Diwali festivals ? 
25. At what concessional rates rice is given to poor families under ' Antyodaya Anna Yojana ' ( AAY ) ?

26. How many kilograms of food grains are given per card to the poorest families under the ' Antyodaya Anna Yojana ' ( AAY ) ?
27. Who is benefited under ' Annapurna Yojana ' ?
28. For how many months food grains are provided free of cost under ' Annan Brahma Yojana ' ?
29. Which number is given to Dholavira in the World's largest heritage city ?
30. Which currency note issued by the Reserve Bank of India have the image of ' Sanchi Stupa ' ?

31. How much aid is offered by the Government of Gujarat in the case that a person is killed by a wild animal ? 
32. When was the Department of Climate Change established by the Government of Gujarat ? 
33. Which state is the first and only State in India to set up an independent Department for Climate Change ? 
34. When did Gujarat introduce its Solar Power Policy ? 
35. Which programme aims at providing government services at district and taluka level through e - Gram Kendra at village level ?

36. In which government service is ' Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities ' included ?
37. In which programme can an Indian citizen raise his / her question directly to the Prime Minister through Doordarshan and Radio ?
38. Which certificate can be availed using the Digital Gujarat website ?
39. What is distributed under ' NAMO ' scheme ?
40. What is the full form of ' NAMO ' tablet ?

હાલ ચાલુ ક્વિઝના તમામ પ્રશ્નો પેલા જોઈલો પછી જ ક્વિઝ આપો.

41. What is the full form of ' SSIP ' ?
42. Who gave the slogan ' Make in India ' ?
43. Which scheme has the main objective to improve the standard of living for those who are living in the border area ?
44. On which day is the ' Veer Meghamaya Balidan ' Award presented ?
45. For how long Widows / ESM will get the benefit of welfare scheme of Ex servicemen ?

46. In which year the ' Swatchh Bharat Mission ' was launched by the Government of India ?
47. Which website has been launched by the Government of India for COVID-19 vaccination drive ?
48. What is the objective of Janani Suraksha Yojana ?
49. ' Udyami ' Helpline is meant for whom ?
50. When was the ' Anaemia Mukt Bharat Programme ' launched ?