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Groups in WhatsApp will now expand to communities.

We all know the features of group in WhatsApp. We can consider the new feature of communities as a group of different groups.

 WhatsApp has yet to announce this feature. It is not yet clear exactly how it will work and how communities will appear in our app. WhatsApp has said that this user interface is not final yet.

 However, the company has given a good estimate of what the feature of communities will look like with an example. Accordingly ...

 The use of WhatsApp for communication with teachers and students / parents has become commonplace in many real schools nowadays. The problem is that a big school has only 30-100 teachers and 200-1000 students. What if the school principal wants to keep in touch with everyone on WhatsApp ?

 You may have been using WhatsApp for a long time. If you only use it to stay in touch with friends and relatives, you will be satisfied with its existing features. But if you are using WhatsApp for communication with a large number of different types of people for business or other purposes, it seems to be missing a lot.

Some big limitations of WhatsApp.

The biggest limitation of WhatsApp is that it can have only 5 members in a group. This number is high for family groups, but very low for business communication. Broadcast list feature is true, but only 3 members can be added to one of these lists. Also, only if everyone has saved our number will they get our message.

 Despite such limitations, WhatsApp's popularity skyrocketed due to its ease of use. The funny thing is that when two friends who have worked at Yahoo in the past came up with the idea of ​​an app like WhatsApp, they thought that only people in our address book can put the status of small things about themselves and something that is visible to all.

 That was thirteen years ago. Now, under the auspices of Facebook-Meta Company, unparalleled features have been added to WhatsApp.

 To further extend the use of WhatsApp, a new feature called Communities is being added to it, which is likely to remove almost all the existing limitations of WhatsApp!

 At present different schools satisfy this need through their multi-purpose app. The community feature on WhatsApp will make the principal's job easier.

વધુ વિગત નીચે છે.

 While the teachers of different classes in their school will create different groups for their students / parents, the principal will create a community that integrates all such groups in his school. As the admin of this community, the principal can send messages to the members of all the groups under that community at any time (it is not yet clear how many groups there can be in a community, how many total members can be sent at once, etc.).

 Facebook, WhatsApp's parent company, has a feature of such groups, but it is largely public. Everyone can see whatever communication takes place in it. While in the communities of WhatsApp there will be a special emphasis on privacy. Now Facebook has also realized that a very large number of people prefer to communicate privately in a way that only certain people can know, rather than letting the whole world know about certain things.

Study About WhatsApp Application New Latest Update Future.

This also means that when a large company is working on a different project, each project team may have a different WhatsApp group, and the CEO of the company may create a community that integrates each of these groups. The specialty of the community is that people in each group will be able to chat with other members in their own group, only the admin will be able to send messages to everyone at once. Also, WhatsApp's community or group cannot be searched in search engines, meaning that only those people who want admin can join such community or group.

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 Even before Corona, the use of WhatsApp was expanding a lot from family chatting. During and after the Corona, various schools, tuition classes, small and large companies, etc. started using WhatsApp extensively for internal communication, but it had many limitations of groups or broadcast list. Large group communication from WhatsApp can now be expected to be much easier and more private due to the community feature.

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 WhatsApp says it has a special focus on how people who are closely related to each other, even in the real world, can communicate while maintaining privacy.

 That way, WhatsApp is a very different service than other social media and even in the communities feature, care will be taken to make it easier for people to communicate while maintaining more privacy. If you want some of these newly added features ...

 Currently the group admin has a lot of powers in WhatsApp. It will grow in the community. One can create a community by creating new groups or associating existing groups. The community admin assumes he can remove the group from the community. If any member of any group within the community leaves an inappropriate message, the admin of the community will be able to delete it for all members.

 Currently in WhatsApp we can decide which other person can add us to his group. A similar facility will be available in the community. No one will be able to add to their community or group without our consent. The user can opt out of it whenever he wants. If we go out like this, other people will not even know about it.

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 Only the admin will be able to send a message to the WhatsApp community and the groups under it so that there is no flood of unnecessary messages. WhatsApp says that this way thousands of users can be sent community announcements from the beginning, but the community cannot be searched and joined. Also one message can be forwarded to only one group at a time.

  • આગામી પરીક્ષાને લઈને શિક્ષકોની બદલીઓ હાલના તબક્કે નહીં થાય
  • પરીક્ષાઓ પૂર્ણ થયા બાદ જૂન 2023 બાદ શિક્ષકોની બદલીઓની કામગીરી થશે 
  • આ ન્યુઝ વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો. 16-01-202

 Messages will also be end-to-end encrypted in the WhatsApp community. Between the two ends no one else will be able to see it. Chats and phone numbers of members of one group within the community will not be visible to members of the other group. Only the admin and everyone else in the group can see it. Because of this, it is not possible to get the phone number of other people and send messages to them.

 As admins get more powers in WhatsApp, so will other users who will be able to report offensive content in that group directly to WhatsApp. The company says that in such a case it can ban any user, admin or even the entire community. Such controls will be very important in WhatsApp when Telegram has become a haven for pirated content.

 The first comparison of WhatsApp in terms of features is always with the Telegram app. The feature that will now be found in the community feature in WhatsApp is already a little different in Telegram. Only 4 people can join WhatsApp group, while 2 lakh people can join Telegram group. There is no limit to the telegram of a broadcasting channel! The channel admin also has considerable powers. It can share files in the limit of 8 GB. Of course, due to the high level of secrecy, sharing of pirated, porn and terrorism related content on Telegram has become very easy.

 Facebook has long had the convenience of creating groups. In Facebook, family, friends, fans, users of a service, people scattered around the world from a single city etc. The difference between Facebook groups and WhatsApp communities is that Facebook brings together people who are too large and not in direct contact with each other on a single platform, while people who know each other in WhatsApp first join the group and eventually become their community.

 We don't usually know much about Slack, Discord, etc., but various teams in corporate companies use Slack service for internal communication. Any project, topic or team related channel can be created in Slack and various members can exchange ideas, actions etc. on it. Services such as Discord are more popular with gamers, who are increasingly used to chat with each other while playing multi-player games. If the slack uses the word 'channel' then the discs have chatrooms called servers!

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