Supplementary Exam 2024 for Failed Students in Class 10 & 12

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Failed in 1, 2 or 3 subjects of SSC Supplementary-2024 examination to be conducted for March-2024 candidates and office verification matter.

         એક, બે કે ત્રણ વિષયમાં નાપાસ થનાર SSC MARCH 2024 ના ઉમેદવારો માટે લેવામાં આવનાર પૂરક પરીક્ષા 2024 ની માહિતી.
Exam date declared...

      There for to inform the Heads of all registered Secondary Schools of Gujarat State that as per the existing examination regulations the students who are absent in the March-2024 examination or have 'scope for improvement due to failure' in one, two or three subjects and wish to appear in one, two or three subject examinations. If so, such candidates can appear in the supplementary examination of the year-2024.

The application forms for this supplementary examination have to be filled online from the board's website Applications and fees will be accepted by the school through online mode only. (Method of accepting applications in person is not in force.) March-2024 Class 10 SSC Prepare a school-wise list of examinees with 'scope for improvement' who are absent in the examination or fail in one, two or three subjects, which will be sent to the school with the March-2024 result.


Among those sent to the schools, the consent of the examinee who wants to appear in the examination to appear in the supplementary examination must be signed in the (ONE, TWO OR THREE SUBJECT FAIL LIST) sent by the board. The list sent to the school is for information only.

Exam Fees for Students of Purak exam Exam.

The fee amount for the candidates for one subject is Rs. 145/-, for two subjects Rs. 205/- and for three subjects Rs. 265/- will be.

Special Note: The Government has exempted candidates and disabled candidates from paying the examination fee, so no examination fee is required from female candidates and disabled candidates. But online application (registration) is mandatory for supplementary examination 2024. Zero fee receipt is to be retained as basis of registration. 

Supplementary Exam Instructions and Study Material to be held in July 2024.

It has to be presented before the board when required. If for any reason a candidate has room for improvement in one, two or three subjects and is eligible to appear in the supplementary examination but his name is not in the list sent to the schools along with the result or in the online list, his mark sheet and SR shall be verified by the Principal in Annexure-4 given herewith. It has to be sent in person to the Secondary Branch of the Board along with a copy of Annexure-A along with the necessary supporting documents and fee.
Differently Abled is written against the differently abled child in SR for easy identification of normal students and physically/mentally challenged students. In which minimum 20% marks should be secured to get exemption. (16 out of 80 marks in Board Exam and 4 out of 20 marks in Internal Assessment)
In Yam For supplementary examination only one examination center is kept for each district. List of supplementary examination centers is included in the annexure herewith.

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In the March-2024 class 10th examination, if the candidates have 'scope for improvement' in the subject having theory and practical aspect in the school level subjects, their theory/practical supplementary examination to be conducted by that school before the supplementary examination and the details of the marks to the board by the time the supplementary examination to be conducted by the board is completed. Must be sent. (Annexure-A) Supplementary examination of school subject shall be conducted from school level. The question paper of which will also have to be taken at the school level. The marks obtained in Form 'A' should be sent in person to the Secondary Branch of the Board in Gandhinagar (Secondary Branch) of the Board along with the letter from the school.

Exam date letter study materials

 Schedule of supplementary examination, admit card and question paper time will be placed on the website of the board and the date, time and subject of the exam will be mentioned in the admit card received by the candidates. Individual candidates and candidates who have not appeared in the March-2024 examination will not be able to appear in the upcoming 2024 supplementary examination. In cases where the examinees have appeared in any subject/subjects out of 6 subjects by the board but are absent in that subject, the application for office verification will be accepted in person at the secondary branch at Gandhinagar office of the board on the 10th day from the date of declaration of result (online). The prescribed application form regarding office verification is Annexure-9 enclosed herewith. This office verification application has to be sent through the Principal of the school. A xerox copy of mark sheet and fee-receipt (HALL TICKET) must be attested by the Principal and attached with the application. 

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No action will be taken on applications received after the prescribed deadline or sent by the candidate without the signature/coinage of the Principal of the school. Applications for name, surname, spelling and office verification should be sent in person or by registered post along with supporting documents to the office of the Board, Assistant Secretary (Secondary), Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Secondary Department, Gandhinagar only. 

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Annexure-4, 4-A, copy of school leaving certificate, copy of GR and original mark sheet have to be sent. (Correction of name/surname/date of birth is done by the Board without any charge for three months from declaration of result for March-2024 candidates.) Marks obtained in optional subject/subjects examination conducted by the school does not match with the board mark sheet as per school record. Or in case of absence of 'AO' or exemption of 'XO' a proposal by the school in the prescribed office verification form shall be made without applying for mark verification. 

પૂરક પરીક્ષાનો લેટર.
Failed in 1, 2 or 3 subjects of SSC Supplementary-2024 examination to be conducted for March-2024 candidates:-  Download Letter

Along with this, the school principal should certify the result in the subject as per the school record and the marks in that subject should be clearly indicated. A case-to-case proposal should be made to the undersigned along with a printout of the grounds for entry of ONLINE marks in case of discrepancy with the school record in school internal assessment. Forms for supplementary examination have to be filled online from the board website Which will be reported through public media. The instructions to apply for the next year - 2024 supplementary examination and to pay the fee online will be placed on the board's website Which will have to be studied and the procedure to pay the fee will have to be done. A regular candidate registered for the March-2024 examination must secure a minimum of 7 out of 20 in the School Internal Assessment and a minimum of 26 out of 80 in the Board Examination to pass. In case of some examinees the marks obtained out of total 100 are more than 33 but in the board examination If there are less than 26 marks, the examinee does not pass. Cases of such candidates being treated as passes have been made in the past, it is requested to take care not to repeat the same.

Special Note: Education Department Resolution No.: Mashab/1119/857/6 dt. March-2024 Class 10 SSC as on 02-12-2021 Passed Basic Mathematics (18) in the examination and those who want to get admission in Class 11 Science stream in A or AB Group during the academic year-2024-25 can appear as a separate candidate in the Standard Mathematics (12) examination in the supplementary examination of the year 2024. Such candidates have to fill the application form as a separate candidate (isolated) from the school from which they have filled the application form of class 10 SSC. The application form has to be filled online.

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