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What is Human Settlement ?


What is Human Settlement ?

Eight children were standing eagerly on the track to participate in the running event. With the sound of a toy pistol, all the eight girls started running swiftly. After just ten to fifteen steps, one  of the girls suddenly slipped and fell down. When the other seven girls heard this sound, they stopped running, stood for a while and turned back, They all ran back anxiously to the place
where the girl had fallen down. One among them bent, lifted and kissed the girl gently. All the seven girls lifted carefully the girl who had fallen down. Two of them held the girl firmly and all seven of them joined hands together and walked together and reached the winning post.

Officials were shocked. Clapping of thousands of spectators filled the stadium. Many eyes were filled with tears and perhaps it had reached even God !
Yes. This happened in Hyderabad. All these special girls had come to participate in this event and they were spastic children. 
 2(A)Work in pairs. Note down all the underlined words in your book from the above
passage. Make pairs of the action and the manner of that action.
Action standing
Manner eagerly
(B) Match the phrases given in the left column with the appropriate words given in the
right column. Write down the correct pairs on separate chits. Give the chits to your
teacher. The teacher will use them in sentences.
(A) Description of manner/way of action 
(B) Word for manner
1. without making any noise faultlessly
2. with great pleasure proudly
3. in a serious manner confidently
4. with pride noiselessly/silently
5. with great skill happily
6. without making a single mistake naturally
7. in a natural way seriously
8. with confidence skilfully
Example : A. The students are reading in the library without making any noise.
B. The students are reading in the library silently.
L. 3 Choose any word expressing manner from the box given below and tell your friend to select the correct sentence to fill in the blanks. You can take help of your teacher to decide whether the sentence is true or false.
badly smartly dangerously angrily secretly kindly
(1) When I broke my leg, my friend Rohan'----- offered help to take me school on his bicycle.
(2) We lost the football match by 4-3. I don't think we played ___ but the opposite team played really ___ _
(3) "You are late," said Sneha . "Where have you been?"
( 4) I am sure that the plan ofbank robbery was made by the thief.
( 5) You drive the car quite ____ . I won't be surprised if you meet with an accident one day.
L. 4 Practise the conversation selecting the words expressing frequency from the table and fill in the blanks. Work in pairs.
A: What do you do on Sunday?
B: Nothing much. I sleep until9:00.
A: Do you go to bazaar on Saturday evening?
B: Yes, I do. I go for playing volley ball or I ___ go to the garden.
A: Do you drive to school?
B: No, I drive to school. I ____ take the bus.
A: What do you do after class?
B: I talk with friend or I _____ go home.
A: Do you like new friends?
B: Yes, I like but I love my old friends too.
L. 5 Place the word expressing manner frequency at the correct place. Indicate the place by the sign II:
(1) The new boy II waited outside the principal's office. (quietly)
(2) We go to the zoo and stay for an hour or two there. (often, usually)
(3) Mahesh fell down yesterday. He drove his new bicycle. (carelessly)
( 4) Everyone should be kind to animals. (always)
(5) All the students were surprised when he cried in the class. (loudly)
L. 6 Here is a game. Let's play.
Select the pair of words expressing action and manner which you can enact in the classroom. The teacher will ask the question to the class. Words for action:
read, sit, shout, behave, cry, dance, walk, laugh, write
Words of manner:
quickly, slowly, angrily, joyfully,
fearfully, proudly, secretly, silently,
Eg: Teacher: What is s/he doing?
Student: S/he is reading.
Teacher: How is slhe reading?
Student: Slhe is reading silently/loudly.

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