Galactic Explorer for Merge Cube App and pdf Download for Android Mobile

Download Galactic Explorer for MERGE Cube app Magic Application
Planets in the palm of your hand !

This app requires a Merge Cube and a smartphone or a tablet to play. To find out how to get a Merge Cube.

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-Launch the app.

-Be sure to allow camera and photo access.

-Enter your activation code (found inside the cube packaging)

-Enter an adult’s email address to create an account.

-Select Mobile/Phone Mode.

-Play the tutorial within the app.

-Hold your device with one or two hands, and place the Merge Cube on the included stand.
Galactic Explorer cube application mobile

Study Of Marge Cube Paper Pdf and Use Instructions.

galactic explorer app for merge paper cube pdf.
- How to use merge cube solar system Application.
- galactic explorer for merge cube in Gujarati.
- merge cube printable pdf merge cube app download link.

- merge cube activation code.
-Place your smartphone in your VR/AR goggles.
-Hold the Merge Cube in your hand, or place it on the included stand.

-Make sure you can see the cube through your screen
-Select the planet you’d like to learn more about to discover interesting facts about the solar system!

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Download Galactic Explorer for MERGE Cube application.
Download pdf file use in this App.
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