Jillafer ni Arjio Svikarva Babat Kutch Paripatra Date 16/12/2019

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Jillafer ni Arjio Svikarva Babat Kutch Paripatra Date 16/12/2019
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The process of acids, bays, Neutralization process Photosynthesis Respiration, Provide opportunities for the student to measure physical quantities (such as temperature, speed, etc.) by activity, observation or formula. To see if the students are measuring correctly and noting the measurements correctly.
Provide opportunities to calculate physical ones by collecting information using formulas or activities, Measures and calculates.
E.g. Temperature
Pulse heart rate
The speed of the object compared to the speed
Simple pendency frequency and so on
Endocrine rate
Absorption of water by soil Time Speed ​​etc.


Temperature, Pulse heart rate  Speed ​​of the object compared to the speed., Frequency of plain pendulum, Endocrine rate, Absorption of water by soil, Measurement of time

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Jillafer ni Arjio Svikarva Babat Kutch Latest GR
Date 16/12/2019
Regarding acceptance of applications for district fair and submission in fixed form. - Kutch

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