Don't update to the latest update to Windows 10, otherwise ..

Welcome to StudyMaterials Educational Website. However, the latest update to Windows 10 does not even update the error, otherwise ..

Don't update to the latest update to Windows 10, otherwise ..
19 February 2020, Wednesday
Gigantic IT company Microsoft's popular operating system has come up with a defect in the update to Windows Ten. Updated on February 11th in a new update.

A notification for the KB4532693 update was sent to Windows 10 users as part of the Microsoft 'Peach Today' program, but users are experiencing major setbacks after installing this update.


               With this patch update, many users' Windows accounts have been automatically deleted. At the same time, the temporary account is being activated instead of the original account. That is, all user data and apps are being deleted without any kind of warning. However, uninstalling this update and restarting the computer / laptop frequently restores the original account of some users, but this technique is not working for all users.

              Users rape social media. news science-technolog/you-have-been-warned-do-not-install-the-latest-windows-10 updates-on-your pc.   Many users have blamed social media for this flaw in the Windows 10 update. One user wrote, thank you Microsoft for the latest update. Which has deleted all the settings of my system. Now all the basic settings have gone into the system. The information and settings for each of my programs have also been deleted. The program for system apps has also been deleted. As well as keyboard settings, language, screen resolution has also been restored and updates have been stoppe.

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Microsoft accepts user anger as a mistake.
Microsoft has issued an official statement admitting its error. And their engineers are working on it and the bug will be fixed soon.