To Secure a WhatsApp Account Tips, TECHNOLOGY UPDATES 2020

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 whatsapp ni suraxa vadharva atlu settings karo.
To Secure a WhatsApp Account Tips, TECHNO NEWS.

         Now your WhatsApp account will be more secure this way. Setting up WhatsApp on your smartphones is now a lot easier for users, Facebook's messaging service, but did you know that your WhatsApp account can also be misused due to such a simple setup process? In this way, you read and hear about the misuse of accounts every day. You are almost aware that after installing a new device WhatsApp and entering the user's mobile number, the company sends 6 digit activation code via SMS to that number.

         If you think that you can trust your WhatsApp account securely with this activation code, you are mistaken, as there are now cases in which hackers bypassing this security layer may have another user's WhatsApp on their device. If the account is open. While the original hackers are sitting on the sidewalk to infiltrate your account, you can enable an additional layer of security in your account to prevent such hacking attempts. Then even if your attribution code is hacked, your WhatsApp account will remain safe and no damage will be done. You can further secure your WhatsApp account by setting a PIN. Although this pin is only 6 digits, it works like a password. To Secure a WhatsApp Account Tips, TECHNOLOGY UPDATES 2020, information technology degree and information technology schools material or techno tricks and tips available in site

To set it up, follow the steps given here: 

  • First open WhatsApp Messenger on your smartphone. Now you tap on Mr. Dots in the top right of the skin. Then click on its settings option. 
  • Here you click on your account and select an option called Two-Step Verification.
  •  Now you click on enable. Here you will be asked for a 6 digit PIN, which you can choose as you wish. 
  • In the next step you will also be asked to add an e-mail address so that if you ever forget this PIN you will be able to recover your account. Although this step is not required, Experts advises adding it. 
  • In particular, you should also keep in mind that even under normal circumstances WhatsApp will ask you for this PIN within a few days, so the benefit to you is that you will be less likely to forget the PIN number.
Whatsapp ma Aatlu Setting Kari Do
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Private WhatsApp APPLICATION chats easily discovered through Google (Update: Facebook knew)

Update, February 21, 2020: It turns out that Facebook has been well aware for months of this private WhatsApp chatting flaw. Thanks to twitter user @hackrzvijay, we know that Facebook was notified back in November 2019 about this security flaw. However, Facebook didn’t do anything about it. thanks for visit our to StudyMaterials Educational website.