Mahila din Ange Paripatra 2020

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  • Mahila din Ange Paripatra 2020
  • worlds women's day 2020 Gujarat paripatra.
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According to the above subject and reference, MHRD, Govt. Of India As per the letter dated 9/11 It is said to be celebrating International Women's Day on 9/1/9. The theme is "am Generation Equality: Realizing Women 's Rights" and advancing the empowerment of women and women through education. All the primary schools under your authority are instructed to do the following activities from 1st to 7th March.

          Girls should be kept as monitors in all classes in schools. Throughout the day the inspiration will be to focus on the lives of various successful women. For example, in the topic of social studies, students may be taught about the National Movement (1857 to 1947), 15 women members of the Women's Constituent Assembly, women's freedom sitters. In the special meeting of the morning, there will be awards of students who perform well in various fields like greetings, role played, day thought, group song on women's empowerment, academy / sports, dance, music, arts social service and other novel fields. (2) Inviting allied professionals, such as the auxiliary forces, police, aircraft pilots, locomotive pilots, aerospace engineers, building and construction, scientific etc., to discuss the schools and interact with the students. (2) The Gender Study Cell and UGC will hold seminars on gender bias and practices, gender equality and women's rights in higher education institutions and universities. (2) Honor of women faculty members and staff.

         The essay writing on leading / inspiring women in the district where the school is located. (2) Special broadcast on International Women's Day in such channels as Self-Prabhu for Empowering Women through Gender Equality and Education. (2) Put banner on International Women's Day on all government websites. Ta. Sunday March 08, 2020 to be a Sunday public holiday. It is said to celebrate International Women's Day from 1 to 7 March 2020. And it is suggested to organize the above activities in a non-restrictive manner.

          Participate in dance, drama, creative writing and creative works, etc., in connection with celebrations like prayers, exhibitions, Deepavali, Onam, Eid, Prithvidin at various cultural, national and local social festivals / occasions held at home, school and society. (E.g., making lamps, Rangoli, kite making, replica of building and bridge, story, song / poem, slogan, celebration report, creative writing, etc.)  Obtain and study resources other than textbook such as books, details in newspapers, audio-visual media, stories, poetry, illustrations, tactile identities, finished materials, web resources, libraries and other resources.

  • GR date 05/03/2020