Mahila din Vishesh March 2020 gujarati pdf study materials

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Mahila din Vishesh gujarati pdf study materials.
8 March - Mahila din vishesh.

                   Conduct simple experiments and activities to examine the observations and observations of everyday events, situations, processes such as how a flower blooms, the weight gain by the litter and without the lizard. Reading of bus / train tickets / schedules / currency notes etc. and studying directors, signboards to find places on the map.  Use of local and unused objects to create pictures, diagrams, collages, templates, poems, stories, formulas. (Such as the use of clay to make animals, birds, vehicles, trains, furniture from utensils, empty pockets of cardboard and cardboard.)  Participate in dance, drama, creative writing and creative works, etc., in connection with celebrations like prayers, exhibitions, Deepavali, Onam, Eid, Prithvidin at various cultural, national and local social festivals / occasions held at home, school and society. (E.g., making lamps, Rangoli, kite making, replica of building and bridge, story, song / poem, slogan, celebration report, creative writing, etc.)  Obtain and study resources other than textbook such as books, details in newspapers, audio-visual media, stories, poetry, illustrations, tactile identities, finished materials, web resources, libraries and other resources.

                 Inquiries, discussions, logical concerns from the elders / teachers / coordinators / guardians of the home / society, reduce the reuse and misuse of home, school and surrounding objects, proper use and maintenance of public property, animal care, water pollution and waste, health and hygiene. Think critically and give opinions based on your own experiences. Caring for and obtaining information about the limited participation or restrictions of women, the elderly or children in daily activities / sports activities utilizing public places and resources (due to disability, race or old age).  Actively participate in groupwork and take initiative to take care, empathy, leadership. Eg. T Prepares various indoor / outdoor games, activities for the care of local herbs, feeding of animals, surrounding things, projects for the care of elders and infants, and role-play. Discuss the details of their district (such as sightseeing and landmarks, animal husbandry, farming, folklife, etc.) by discussing with the elders, teachers and informants on a map basis.

Today din vishesh study materials on my website. teaching process and teaching achievements.

1. Give animals the opportunity to observe and discover specific strengths and abnormal symptoms (sight, smell, hearing, sleep, sound, etc.) and their reactions to light, sound, heat, food, etc.

2. Opportunities to find available water sources, observe the fruits, vegetables, grains, water to reach the house as well as observe the technology used for cereals flour, bread from flour, water purification.

3. Visiting site with classmates, teachers and elders and exchanging experiences and discussing information collected.

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