Gujarat Government offices will be upbeat except April 20 with 33 percent staff.

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Big decision of the state government: 

Government offices will be upbeat except April 20 with 33 percent staff.

  • An important decision of the state government.
  • After April 20 (20/04/2020), all government offices will open.
  • Work will be started in the offices with 33 percent staff.

According to information received, the Romanian government has decided to give some concessions to the state from April 20 next. Then according to a recent announcement, from next April 20, the government offices will also be in line again.

Government offices will again be littered with 33 per cent staff.
In addition to this, the government had said that the government offices would be upbeat with 33 per cent staff. However, the remaining employees would be working at home. In addition, all offices in the state hotspot area, buffer zone and cluster quarantine area will be closed.

Employees in the offices will also pay special attention to social distance.
In addition to this, the employees will be given special care in all distances. In addition, today, Chief Minister's Office Secretary Ashwini Kumar announced the concessions to be given in the state from April 20, which are as follows.


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