Divya Bashkar News: Related to lockdown of Gujarat and opening of schools and colleges.

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Divya Bashkar News: Related to lockdown of Gujarat and opening of schools and colleges.

A blueprint has been prepared to open a lockdown in Gujarat between Corona and Kaher. In which the plan has been prepared as per the guideline of the center. For which the Gujarat government has received reports from high officials of cities and districts. Based on which the release will be started in two days. Consideration is also being given to start a school college, especially with industry and business, in which schools may be ordered to open in the second week of June and all students to wear mandatory masks.

When Opening Gujarat School and Collage

It may also be a rule to keep a distance of one meter between two students
According to an education official, children may be required to wear masks when schools reopen. Not only that, a rule will be made to keep a distance of one meter between two children. The education department official said that the academic session is starting in the second week of June but there is still ambiguity about the date.

SCHOOL saru karva babate News

The work of various plans in the departments directly associated with the people is in full swing
In addition to education in the state, health, industry, labor and employment, Punch…

Divya Bashkar News: Related to lockdown of Gujarat and opening of schools and colleges.

Gujarati Vancho : full news in Gujarati

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Excerpts from the speech
* 42 lakh people have been infected worldwide.
* 2.75 lakh people have died tragically. Even in India, many people have lost their loved ones. I express my condolences to each and every one of them.
* The whole world is now engaged in a battle to save lives. We have never seen such a crisis. This is an unimaginable crisis.
* But it is not permissible for a human being to get tired, lose, break, disintegrate.
* By being vigilant we also have to survive and move forward. Our determination is many times bigger and firmer than this crisis.
* The 21st century belongs to India. A new look at the world before and after Corona reinforces the belief that the 21st century will belong to India.
* There is only one way to make that dream come true: self-reliance
As a nation, we are at a critical juncture.
* This calamity has also brought a signal, a message, an opportunity for India.

* Not a single PPE kit was made in India when the Corona crisis started. The N-95 also had negligible production.
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