Headquarter Chhodva mate ni manjuri Babat Important Letter

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Headquarter Chhodva mate ne manjuri Babat Important Letter

Head Quarter Chhodava babat Amreli jilla no 5/5/2020 no Latest Paripatra, 

Banaskantha paripatra, junagadh paripatra and Jamnagar paripatra Below LINK download.

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Mutual funds have advantages and disadvantages compared to direct investing in individual securities. The primary advantages of mutual funds are that they provide economies of scale, a higher level of diversification, they provide liquidity, and they are managed by professional investors. On the negative side, investors in a mutual fund must pay various fees and expenses. 

The District Education Officer's Office, District Primary Education Officer's Office, owned by the Education Department in Banaskantha District, the staff under COVID19 have been given various functions at the village, taluka and district level. Introduction - As per the instruction received today under (2), teachers / headmasters are allowed to go to their hometowns and leave the headquarters during summer vacation. Teachers going to other districts will have to apply on Digital Gujarat Portal in their own way and get e-pass of approval. | Non-Vacational Staff of your taluka or CRC CO for the most important work given by the administration at the taluka or district level. That local teachers / head teachers will have to order rotation operations. They are more risky than mutual funds and are subject to different government regulations.

The lockdown of entire Gujarat has been declared under coronavirus. That’s when all the primary teachers are trying to go to their district to enjoy the summer vacation. But in the event of a lockdown, they are being stopped by the administration from asking various questions. That is, the administration is working to ensure that the declarations are not violated. A letter has been issued by the Amreli Taluka Primary Education Officer when the teachers cannot go to their hometowns. The process shown in the letter. By processing it, each teacher can go to his home district.

BHAVNAGAR hedqvatar Chodav ange News

Arrangements have been made for all teachers trapped in the workplace to go to their district by applying digitally and getting permission to go to their district.

Coronavirus antargat Gujarat raja lockdown karvama aavelu Che garage samagra Gujarat na tamam
shikshakon summer vacation buldhana jila marjawa mate process karne jai shake chhe amreli jilla shikshan adhikari dwara taluka prathmik shiksha adhikari ne aadesh karva mein ave chhe direct shikshak potana jila marjawa mati Gujarat digital portal arji karvani rahe chhe Deva ek patrakaar Varna viche

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           Therefore, to inform the teachers who are on duty in all the primary and secondary and higher secondary schools of Kutch district and want to go back to their hometowns that in the first stage, the teachers who have a vehicle are allowed to go home.  The taluka health officer can take action to go home The vehicle is not their approval process is ongoing. Will be notified when arrangements are made.