This rule must be followed permanently to prevent corona virus.

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     There is a lockdown going on in your country at the moment and at the same time Corona does not even take the name of stopping. In such a situation, it is our special duty to explain to the people even at home, to follow the government guidelines. And help the neighbor.  You can also see the live graph of Corona of world from here... 

This rule must be followed permanently to prevent corona virus.
Area: This procedure applies to everyone's home.

 Market Visit
 1 Always wear a triple layer N95 nose mask or use a face cover when you go out of your house. 
2 Wear plastic shoes dedicated to the market. 
3 Keep a distance of at least 6 feet from any person or shopkeeper in the market.
4 Do not touch anything unnecessary outside your home.
 5 Do not touch your face with your hand when you are out of the house. 
6 Carry a small pack of sanitizer in hand (containing 70% alcohol and if you think you have touched anything suspicious in the market, sanitize your hand immediately. 
It is better to have a plastic bucket with you when you go to the market, put the contents in the bucket and take it to your home. Only then go to the market.Try to go to the market once or twice a week.
Note: You do not need to wear a nasal mask in your home unless you get an illness like influenza. Try to make a digital payment using the application or the same bank application.  This rule can be followed for life to avoid anyone, This rule must be followed permanently to prevent corona virus.
COvid 19 Study in Gujarati
This rule must be followed permanently to prevent corona virus. 
Do not take paper currency from any shopkeeper as it contains Corona. If you give the shopkeeper a paper currency note, buy with the full amount and do not withdraw the money.  If under any circumstances you take the paper currency from the market, to your home Hold it in your hand and disinfect it with the help of a woman. Ironing the knot on both sides. The person visiting the market will not touch the iron, he will place the currency note on the surface and other members of the family will iron. Disinfect currency coins with 70% alcohol based sanitizer or soap and water. Wash your hands with soap and water after disinfection of currency.  Use of public lift / ladder. In the current situation it is better to use a ladder instead of a public lift.  Do not touch the stairs with your hand. If you need to use an elevator, keep a few pieces of paper in your pocket and touch them after covering your finger with the paper. Throw out the used paper immediately and throw it in the trash. WWW. studymaterials. xyz  This rule can be followed for life to avoid anyone

COvid 19 Study in Gujarat

Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others in the elevator, it is better to use it individually. Do not block the door, call and inform the members of the household to open the door when you enter. Place a dedicated table or any box of dedicated materials near the door. Wash your hands and face with soap for at least 20 seconds in the bathroom. Dip your clothes in detergent solution and bathe with soap and water (if you think you haven't visited a crowded area, you can skip this step). Properly wash your plastic slippers with detergent solution.  This rule must be followed permanently to prevent corona virus.

Any Helper Visitors: 
If an outsider like a plumber / electrician / mechanic visits your home, make sure he or she does not have a fever. You can test it with an infrared thermometer. First let him wash his hands with sanitizer or soap and water. Do not allow him to touch anything except his work. Sanitize the place and tools he has used with the soap solution after the work is done. Home disinfection marches the floor every morning with detergent solution, sodium hypochlorite solution.

       Disinfect the main door handle and door bell with a 70% alcohol based liquid sanitizer. Disinfection of kitchen utensils.  Kitchen utensils are usually cleaned with soap and do not need to be disinfected. 

Disinfection of clothing:
 Wash your clothes with washing powder (detergent) immediately after coming home from outside. Wash your towels and everyday clothes frequently. 5. 9 Disinfection of hands 5. 9. 1 Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. 5. 9. 2 Rub the soap evenly on the palm, between the fingers, on the nails and wrists for 20 seconds and then wash off with water. 5. 9. Alternatively, a sanitizer with 80% alcohol can be used to disinfect the hands. Note: It is not necessary to disinfect hands frequently with sanitizer otherwise you are out of your house but it is necessary to disinfect hands with sanitizer before eating anything. 5. 10 The process of disinfecting vegetables and fruits  Given the current situation, sterilize vegetables and fruits before use. studymaterials. xyz

COvid 19 Study in Gujarati

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If you keep the above permanent rules to prevent corona virus, we will be able to get rid of this covid-19 in future also. And everyone needs to download Aarogya Setu app. In which the Government of India has given good information.