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There is a lockdown going on in your country at the moment and at the same time Corona does not even take the name of stopping. In such a situation, it is our special duty to explain to the people even at home, to follow the government guidelines.


The teacher will tell a short familiar story with the help of supporting materials like pictures, cards etc. and using appropriate ascents and descents, gestures. Students will tell a few parts of the story one by one and try to tell the whole story. The teacher will help if needed.
Will then simply instruct and students will respond.
The teacher will take the paper to make something, give the paper to the students and do the activity together and give proper instructions for making the toy or thing as well as the students will follow this process. Students will do this process in pairs.
The teacher will give silent reading of various paragraphs, dialogues, descriptions to the students. The teacher will ask questions of true / false, yes / no type as well as skimming scanning through activities like missing words.

COVID-19 ma help karva shixako pan taiyar. Jilla mathi shixako ni covid army banavshe. Jena mate Rajay Sanghe pan puri taiyari darshavi chhe.
TEACHER army corona

The teacher will do silent reading, ask questions to understand the story or paragraph. While reading the story / paragraph the teacher does not say some words intentionally and the students will say or say those words.
The teacher will show the students the pattern of transcription through a paragraph on the board - the punctuation marks, capital letters, small letters etc. in the paragraph will be noticed and the students will transcribe it.
The teacher will dictate the correct ascent-descent, pause and moderate speed as well as three to five sentences in a loud voice.
The teacher will write erroneous examples of different sentence patterns on the board and suggest correcting and rewriting to the students.

The teacher will describe one of the incidents in the textbook subject matter and ask questions about who is speaking the statement. The children will arrange the event in the correct order.
Teachers will read the paragraph and ask for classification.

The teacher will greet the students according to the different situation / time and get feedback from the students.
The teacher will make requests in various contexts using engaging dialogue with another teacher or senior student and provide listening practice to the students.

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