Gcert Ghare Shikhiye Second Week planning for std 4 to 8

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Learning at Home Prepared by GCERT 'Second Weekly Planning.

        Learn about Self Learning Material in GCERT's Alternative Arrangement of Learning Process under the above topic in a total of four mediums (Gujarati, English, Hindi, Urdu).  The second weekly planning of the activities under this literature is done by GCERT. 

          Along with this the planning of the second week is sent. Online Study materials available on dd girnar.  The soft material in this regard is broadcast on various channels.  Which seems to be helpful in teaching children.  Parents are requested to take appropriate action to convey the details to the parents.

Ghare Shikhiye self Study Materials time table dd girnar.

The teacher will dictate a familiar paragraph in a clear-loud voice and with a proportionate pace. (Some words will be spoken in a very slow voice while dictating. Students will try to hear these words and dictate.) During dictation some words will tell to distinguish from lip movement. Give the opportunity to correct the error by re-reading the paragraph after complete dictation. The teacher will note examples of different sentence patterns on the board to extract extraneous details. These patterns will also note sentences including errors.

       Students will be asked to correct those mistakes and write in appropriate patterns.   GharShikhiye time table std 8, Gcert book ghare Shikhiye ekam solution std 7, home learning GCERT studymaterials std  

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PARIPATRA with DD GIRNAR Time table std 4 to 8:- DOWNLOAD pdf

STANDARD 4 to 8 Home learning Materials dd girnar date and time schedule.

Jate Shikhiye and ghare shikhiye Study Materials for primary school students. Like Monila did her homework. I will go to Bhuj yesterday. The children will do her instead of his in the first sentence above and tomorrow instead of yesterday in the second sentence. The teacher will present the story / event.

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     The student will be asked questions about the character in the context of the story. The story will be presented in a dramatic way in the form of dialogue. Will organize the story in chronological order. Graph and map details will be heard. Details will be identified. Will ask to categorize the details in the group.