Vacation ma covid 19 kamgiri ni prapt raja aapva babat paripatra 2020

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Prapt  raja gr for primary Teacher.

The teacher will give simple instructions to the students. Students will respond. The teacher will then rehearse the complex instructions. Like ... Open your book and select one picture.  The teacher will recite the passages, dialogues, descriptions given in the exercise while running the prose section. True / False, Yes / No type questions will be asked. Wh will ask questions and do skimming and scanning activities.

Jamnagar Jilla Paripatra 2020

The teacher will read the story, the poem as well as the paragraph for interpretation, wh will ask questions. Will start the story again and leave it unfinished. Next ask the students to speak one sentence at a time to complete the sequence.  Will arrange the sequence of events in the story. 

Vacation ma covid 19 kamgiri ni prapt raja aapva babat jamnagar district paripatra.
prapt raja aapva babat paripatra

         The teacher will dictate a familiar paragraph in a clear-loud voice and with a proportionate pace. (Some words will be spoken in a very slow voice while dictating. Students will try to hear these words and dictate.) During dictation some words will tell to distinguish from lip movement. Give the opportunity to correct the error by re-reading the paragraph after complete dictation. The teacher will note examples of different sentence patterns on the board to extract extraneous details. These patterns will also note sentences including errors. Students will be asked to correct those mistakes and write in appropriate patterns.