vacation puru thata shixako ne school java babat Anjar Kutch letter

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vacation puru thata shixako ne school java babate.

      This website available latest Gujarat teacher news all paripatra and more education update. Teacher will ask the textbook to look at a list of alphabetical words from the list of words given at the end and play a bingo game on it.
In addition, games like word chain, add on etc. will be played.

The teacher will introduce himself. Will get their introduction from the students. The teacher will then introduce the students for study materials. Students will introduce their friend to each other. Students will pair up and get to know each other. The teacher will introduce a writer, poet or scientist. Will introduce the village professionals.

Take a picture of a professional and ask the student to introduce it.
The teacher will draw a road map from his home to the school on the board with the help of the student. He will note the details of the landmarks and how he came to the school.
I come on the crossroad, I turned left I walked straight. Students will be asked to draw maps to reach different places in the group.

The teacher will divide the students into groups and present the events happening in the school in English. Such as.. prayer meeting, sports, celebration of different days, cultural activities etc. The teacher will prepare a list of words for the reference action of different professionals with the help of the student. Students who are familiar with the profession. Pair the verb words in the list with its name. Like ... The shoe maker made nice shoes.


Unalu vacation puru thata shixako ne school java babate, Kutch anjar

vacation puru thata shixako ne school java babat Anjar Kutch letter

Students will be asked to write about what they did when they visited a professional in the past. The teacher will be helpful where needed.  Ask everyone to submit their written details to the class.  The teacher will make the student read the words with the same pronunciation.

The teacher will now make a list of the various activities to be done in the next week and ask the children to present it by making a line. Like .... I will play game on Monday. Will present to the class about the day, week, month, routine of the next days of vacation, what he wants to do, etc. The teacher will show the student samples of visiting card, bills, wrapper etc.

Gujarat na ketlak SHIXAKO hal COVID-19 hospital ma pan Kaam kari rahya Chhe juo news 👉 TEACHER & COVID-19

Someone will take a bill / wrapper and present its details. Students will be asked some of these questions. As well as ask to show its details.
One sample in each group will be given to the group. Will record the answers to the given questions and present them to the class. The teacher will ask and discuss various means of giving or receiving messages to the students. Discuss the sample details of the letters given in the textbook.

Students will be asked to write their address in English.
A letter will be prepared on the board with a discussion of the required details.
Give a detail to the group and ask each group to write a letter.
Will ask the prepared letter to be displayed on the bulletin board.
The teacher will take English story books to the classroom. One or two of them will talk about the book.
Give each group two books to ask to see. Ask them to record their details / characters / pictures etc.
The group will present the details of the book to the class.

The teacher will present a rhyme in which the verb words are coming. The children will continue the incomplete rhyme based on the picture, action and words.
The teacher will tell the students about Mafatlal’s egg coming in the textbook then move the same Parker’s imaginary event or event through the students through questions and take the event to the corresponding end.

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