Primary Teachers na Pagar ane Arias Bill SAS Portal ma update karva babat.

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Primary Teachers na Pagar and Arias Bill Update.

Regarding timely update of all arrears bills of primary teachers and all other arrears bills in the SAS . Accordingly, the grant of next month's salary allowance will be allotted according to the expenses of that month as registered district-wise. The concerned District Primary Education Officer / Govt. Officer will be responsible if any details are pending to be updated and due to which the cost will be less. No replacement grant will be allotted thereafter. Take special note of this. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the concerned Taluka Primary Education Officer / Govt. Will remain.

The story, poems, narrative will be interrogated and dramatized for eloquent reading, listening and emotional understanding. Introduce dialogue samples with the student and ask questions and form a group dialogue. Conducting games, activities related to children's skills and holistic development Interviews / Inquiries: List of quizzes to be done during the project work visit.

Creating newspapers, stories, anecdotes, issues of language games and presenting stories for children's literature. Handling folk tales by folklore or by teachers and students. To read books according to the age from the library. Using audio-visual equipment and technological devices and methods.

Visiting the bus stand, railway stand to give an idea of ​​the sign language based on various symbols. Making words from the alphabet, giving the title after listening to the story and getting answers to the questions from the paragraph. Conduct various self-study activities according to the order of the dictionary. To create an opportunity to make an oral or written presentation about a familiar or unfamiliar subject, event or situation.

Primary Teachers na Pagar ane Arias Bill SAS ma update karva babat. Date: 27/07/2020
Primary Teachers na Pagar ane Arias Bill

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Individual or collective listening to the poems under the syllabus as well as the motivating poems as well as singing, acting. To encourage the student to present the experience of travel, event, dream etc. in the class. Questioning from a story, event or occasion. To encourage the student to tell a story from the point of view as well as oral narration.

Primary Teachers na Pagar ane Arias Bill SAS ma update karva babat DOWNLOAD PARIPATRA above link

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