Internal Antrik Audit 2020 Banaskantha Distirct Paripatra.

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Internal Audit Banaskantha Paripatra 27/08/2020

Regarding the above subject, to state that the approved budget for the year 2019-20 under the entire Shiksha Banaskantha, S.P.O.  As per the letter and order of the office, B.R.C.  Co.  , C.R.C.  And KGBV.  Level Grant Allocated.  The internal audit of which has to be done for twelve months. Under which in Banaskantha district Ta.  V from 08/09/2020 to 11/09/2020.  That. firm will be audited by Ahmedabad.

School Audit 2019-20 Banaskantha

According to the audit program involved as well as the information of the record, taluka wise BRC, C.R.C.  Co.  Coordinator and KGBV  (GOI & JOG Type 1, 2, 3, and 4) must be present for the audit along with the office record year 2019-20 and the form (as per the information in the record).  No representative will be executed.  The audit has to be done as per the date indicated in the audit form. No later date will be given for the audit.  B.R.C. who was absent in the audit.  And C.R.C.  Action will be taken to cancel the deputation of CO, which should be taken seriously.

          The B.R.C, C.R.C.  And if the audit of KGBV is pending, they should complete it and if the audit compliance of the next year is pending, they should also complete it.  In addition, any illegal activity will be done during the audit  Legal action will be taken against those responsible if the activity is found to have taken place.  Jenny is told to take special note.  Special Note: At the time of internal audit, all the employees have to follow the guideline of Kovid 19 issued by the government.  All employees must come wearing a mask and adhere strictly to social distance.

Banaskantha Distirct new gr

Can read and understand stories, songs, poems, descriptions, conversations, plays. Familiar - can hear and understand unfamiliar situations and dialogues. Games, activities, interviews, inquiries can be understood by project work. Reading and listening to children's literature and regional songs, stories, can understand it.

Internal Antrik Audit 2020 Banaskantha Distirct Paripatra.
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       Poems, stories, plays and main ideas can be seen, heard and understood through reading, material and audio-visual aids. Can read from timetables, maps, symbols and written material. Can listen to various representations made in the language and understand the main idea. Can understand about 2500 words and use dictionary. Can ask curious questions and answer questions correctly. Can experiment with new words in the narrative and present the story from the point of view.

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