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Provision has been made to return Teoshri to the vacant post after compensating the internal depreciation of the taluka on deputation of CRC or expiry of the period. And if the teacher / education assistant has been transferred out of the taluka due to lack of vacancy in his / her taluka, he / she has also been provided to return to the vacancy after compensating the internal vacancy of the taluka. So in order to avail the benefit of the provision of the above resolution, the primary teacher / education assistant or B.R.C. / Deputation of CRC has been canceled or transferred out of the taluka at the end of the period. Asked to send along with supporting evidence by 26/11/2020. Report this to your taluka school and send the details.


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Nisha module 17 18 16

Important link NISHTHA MODULE- 16

Nistha module no 16 quiz with Answer

nistha teacher training program download certificate pdf gujarat

To connect primary teachers (including Government Granted, KGBV, Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School and Sainik School) through Nishtha on Diksha course for primary school teachers who did not take Nishtha training last year.

This training is going to start in Gujarat from 5th October 2020. All the primary teachers remaining in the district level loyalty training.  Necessary planning will have to be done to complete the course and make arrangements for its proper implementation.  Teachers who have not taken loyalty training last year It is compulsory to join 18 courses of devotion.

Important link NISHTHA MODULE. 17

Nistha module no 17 quiz with Answer

NISHTHA TEACHER TRAINING Module 13 aheval, module 14 aheval, module 15 Aheval pdf Namuna Download.

Scanning the QR code given next to the video explaining how to login to the Nishtha On Diksha course as well as filling out the self declaration form can be seen. To join the teacher training, the self declaration form must be filled on the loyalty portal by 4-10-2020 and the teacher code and the school u dice code must be filled in it. Primary teachers who are left behind in loyalty training have to attend the online training school through 18 courses. In which he has to personally join all the 18 courses. Whose time sheet is as follows.

NISHTHA TEACHER TRAINING MODULE 16, module 17, and 18 QUIZ SOLUTION PDF AND VIDEOS, nistha talim module 16 to 18   till 25/11/2020 to 29/11/2020 last date.

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Important link NISHTHA MODULE. 18

Nistha module no 18 quiz with Answer

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 In which primary school teachers were trained from face to face mode.  Due to the epidemic of covid 19, this year the training will be conducted through online mode through the loyalty course on the initiation platform.

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