H-TAT Cadre some Clarifications for Gujarat HTAT Teachers.

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H-TAT Cadre Raleted some Good News.

The head teacher (HTAT) cadre is to be considered as vocational as the teacher. Head Teacher (HTAT) will be given session benefits at the time of retirement.  htet exam related and htat job salary related most important news.

to the Assistant Education Inspector, if the promotion of the head teacher is done in place of the Assistant Education Inspector, there will be financial loss. Anyone who wants to can take the exam and become an Assistant Education Supervisor.  Htat new pagar dhoran, htat gred pay in gujarat.

Htat Teacher Good News

Some Important clarifications note regarding HTAT TEACHER.

  • HTAT will now be considered an academic post.
  • Vacational employee will be considered.
  • Will get higher pay scale as per 9-20-31. HTAT Appointed by promotion, HTAT will get a pay scale of 4200 grade pay - 4400 grade pay - 4600 grade pay.
  • HTAT recruited through direct recruitment will get a pay scale of 4400-4600-5400. Read the letter of Gujarat State HTAT Head Teachers Union.