School MDM Food Security Allowance 49 day 01/09/2020 to 28/10/2020 GR Download.

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School MDM food security allowance 49 School day 01/09/2020 to 28/10/2020 Paripatra.

In the context of the education department, the date shown.  With the resolution of 05/06/2020 in the current circumstances of the epidemic of Novel Corona Virus (COVID 19), the students have been instructed not to come to school but they have to do HOME LEARNING.  The resolution provides for the state government to make arrangements for cooking cost and distribution of foodgrains for lunch during the period of HOME LEARNING.  From the letter against the reference number of the Commissioner Mid-day Meal Scheme dated.  Dated from 01/09/2020

Mdm 49 day  01/09/2020 to 28/10/2020 food security GR

MDM 8th Tabakko Information.

It is proposed to provide Food Security Allowance (Cooking Cost Grain) to the students so that they do not have to be present in the school during the period of HOME LEARNING till 28/10/2020.  8th - At the end of the adult consideration on the above matter, with the aim of providing nutrition to the primary school children of the mid-day meal scheme running in the state as well as maintaining the immune system, Ta.  Dated from 01/09/2020.  During the period of HOME LEARNING of 28/10/2020 for a total of 49 school days it is decided to give daily security to the student, Food Security Allowance (Cooking Cost + Grain) as shown in the table below.

MDM Food Security allowance 49 Days nu chukavva babat circular.

  Standard daily cooking per student |  The amount of cooking cost mentioned in the table and the amount of grain per student per day will have to be given per student on a daily basis.  All further ancillary proceedings in this regard shall be ensured by the Office of the Commissioner, Mid-day Meal Scheme.  As well as the amount of grain and cooking cost properly - special care must be taken to ensure that all beneficiaries reach the child on time.

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     The progress report of the work done in this regard should be sent here continuously.  The amount of cooking cost of food security allowance fixed by the head teacher / teacher / SMC of the school shall be credited to the bank account of the student / guardian.  Also keeping in view the local circumstances, keeping the social distance strictly as per the guidelines of the government, the District Primary Education Officer will have to complete the distribution of foodgrains with the help of local school teachers and mid-day meal center administrators.

MDM Phase 8 Coupon Vahechani Automatic Excel File for Food Security Allowance

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    This letter has been provided by GCERT and Servshiksha Abhiyan for conducting weekly training material for students of all primary schools of Gujarat under the "study from home" campaign. Students are granted leave in schools because of the Corona virus. In this period, the educational work of the students is stopped. In view of this situation, many efforts have been made by the Gujarat Education Department to maintain the academic work of the students, such as education through fresh, whats app and social media through the local Gujarati channel. E-book is provided.

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