Latest News For 4200 Grade Pay officially Letter for Primary Teacher

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Using the reference material of the library, making various literary forms, works available and reading them as well as conducting book review in the prayer meeting. Literary writers, poets and writers should be interviewed and debates should be held if necessary. Prepare questionnaires of various places like post office, bank, hospital industries, natural places, popular institutions etc. Drama and dialogue of educational units. Latest News For 4200 Grade Pay officially Letter for Primary Teacher 

25/06/2019 no gr Rad karayo. Matlab have 4200 pay hato emj chalu  rahese.

4200 Grade Pay Official Circular.

Forming a group of students to discuss each other's lives. Listening to dialogue using audio equipment. Arrange visits of businessmen, sarpanchs, bank managers and have discussions. The teacher should play different language games in groups. Creating a collection of good ideas, sayings, jokes, stories. To give an understanding of the preservation of cultural heritage through folklore and folklore programs. The teacher has to listen to the poetry with the help of microphone, phone and record and recite the poems of the students.

According to sources, the education department has promised to pay the grade to the teachers' union. The government is likely to take an important decision on the issue of pay grade.  In this case the Department of Education was to allow grading.  The government had also given a guarantee to the education organization in this regard. 

 The education minister held a meeting between the state's finance minister and deputy chief minister Nitin Patel. However, teachers across the state were outraged that no action was taken by the finance department on the pay grade issue.  

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The matter was repeatedly referred to the education organization.  At the same time the organization was also introduced among the Education Minister.  But without any action, the agitation finally took off and there was an agitation on Twitter too. 
Now there is speculation that the government will announce an important decision on 4200 pay grade, following the presentation of the organization by the Minister of State for Education and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel. Latest News For 4200 Grade Pay officially Letter for Primary Teacher

GSTV report image4200 pay latest news .

 meeting was held in between.  A meeting was held between Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel and Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama on the issue of grade pay to teachers of the state.

 The education department had guaranteed to pay the grade to the teachers' union.  But the teachers' union has demanded that the government pay a grade of Rs 4200.  This issue has been repeatedly raised by the teachers union to the Minister of Education.