Online Antarik Badali Hajar Chhuta Report 18/03/2021

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Online Talukafer Badali Hajar Chhuta Report 2021 pdf and word file.

The work to be done by the changed teachers.
        To leave the school after printing the order and getting the signature of T.P.Shi.  After leaving school, take Last Pay Certificate from SAS, pay slip print and get coins signed by MU, Pay Center, TPEO.

Online Badli Karavel Shixako Ne Hajar Report Download.

    Salary till 31/03/2021 is levied on SAS in old school, and in new school it has to be levied from 01/04/2021.  Do not remove the name from the old school from the SAS until it is formed.

In case of dismissal, take the report of the headmaster regarding the dismissal, note the matter in the service book, update the leave so far as well as other details, get the signature stamped and take it from the service book.

Download Badli Hajar Report March 2021Download Chhuta Report word file 2021
 If the teacher is a member of the congregation, he should resign and take the certificate that he is no longer a member of the congregation. Even if he is not a member, it is necessary to get the certificate. In other talukas, open your own account in the bank where the salary is paid.

 -Everyone is messaged for help all Teacher.

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