Primary School Ma 50% Teachers Staff Hajari Ange Paripatra.


Will inform the directions. Will hear school and out-of-school dialogue. Transliteration of short sentences. Have vocal reading in the classroom. Reading out short paragraphs is a contextual question. Dictate, verify and guide. Get an understanding of descriptive sentences. 
To develop vocabulary through various applications. Creating charts if real residence or not is possible. Interviewing professionals.

Guided self-study. Identify the teacher and household members of the plants growing around the school and home. Involvement in various programs in celebration of national holidays. Explain the importance of food. 

Primary School Ma 50% Teachers Staf Hajari Ange Paripatra All Paripatra april 2021

Guide them also into the good behaviors and to avoid displaying some profane ones.

     Introduce the plant and give information about different parts. The story, poems, narrative will be interrogated and dramatized for eloquent reading, listening, and meaningful understanding. Introduce dialogue samples with the student and have a question and answer group.
    Conducting games, activities related to children's skills and holistic development Interviews / Inquiries: List of quizzes to be done during the project work visit. 

Ahmedabad District  50% Teachers Staff GR

Creating and publishing issues of newspapers, stories, anecdotes, language games for children's literature. Handling folklore by folklore or by teachers and students. To read books according to the age from the library.

બાકી જિલ્લાના GR આવે એટલે આ ગ્રુપમાં મુકાશે ALL EDU HUB

     Using audio-visual equipment and technological devices and methods. Visiting the bus stand, railway stand to give an idea of ​​the sign language of the visual and map based on various symbols, audio-visual aids. 

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   Primary School Ma 50% Teachers Staf Hajari Ange Paripatra. Making words from the alphabet Give the title after listening to the story and get answers to the questions from the paragraph. Conduct various self-study activities according to the order of the dictionary.