STD 10 and 12 Board Exam, STD 1 to 9 and STD 11 mass promotion in Gujarat.

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STD 10 and 12 Board Exam,  Std 1 to 9  and std 11 Mass pramotion Related News.

    Like the Central Government, the Gujarat Government has also postponed the Std. 10 and Std. 12 examinations.  Board exams were to be held in Gujarat from May 10 to May 25.  Which has been postponed due to the deteriorating state of the corona virus.

  The state government will now review the status of the corona virus again on May 15 and then decide whether to hold examinations or cancel it.  If re-examinations are held, students will be given at least 15 days to prepare.  So that students can prepare well enough for the exam.

Std 1 to 9  and std 11 ne Mass promotion ange jaherat.

Along with this, mass promotion will be given to the students studying in  1st to 9th  and 11th  standard in the state.  That means these students are not required to take the exam.  They will be sent directly to the next standard.

Mas pramosan bord exam ssc hsc news

     Sing along with songs, rhymes individually and in groups. The national anthem will be recited. Will provide story experiences. Games will be played - participants will be created. Will provide experiences of different classifications. Enhancing creative power through creative activities.

STD 10 and 12 Board Exam, STD 1 to 9 and STD 11 mass promotion in Gujarat

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Will hear school and out-of-school dialogue. Transliteration of short sentences. Have vocal reading in the classroom.

વધુ ગુજરતી માહિતી માટે લાસ્ટમાં લિંક આપેલ છે.👇🏼

 Truth-telling stories, songs, sutevo activities, to tell the benefits. To establish activities to establish and implement self-discipline. Conduct classroom equipping activities and cultivate accuracy in work. Telling curious occasions and telling students. Animal love, telling stories of animal love. Carry out individual activity and group work.

Gujarati  Hsc and Ssc  Exam 2021 Postponed In Gujarat Reason for Corona Virus.

Reading out short paragraphs is a contextual question. Dictate, verify and guide. Get an understanding of descriptive sentences. To develop vocabulary through various applications. Creating charts if real residence or not is possible. Interviewing professionals

Divya Bhaskar News for Gujarat Students.

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