Dhoran 3 thi 8 ma mukhvachan zadap Chakasva Babat Paripatra for Primary School

Dhoran 3 Thi 8 Na Balko Ni Mukh Vachan Speed Chakasva Temaj Mukhvachan Matena Fakra

Dhoran 3 thi 8 na balko ni Mukh Vachan speed chakasva temaj mukhvachan matena fakra

Dhoran 6 thi 8 ane dhoran 3 thi 5 mukhvachan speed mate na fakra
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the children to do the following activities individually, in pairs or in groups.  The teacher will be able to recite the story in a loud voice. Students will read the story written. Giving students paper in the group, each member of the group will write one line of the story in an original way. Stories written will tell each other group to look for errors. The teacher will finish.
Read stories based on pictures and write stories in their own words.


Story reading, telling and writing
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• The teacher will read the paragraphs, dialogues, descriptions in Swadhyaya while running the rectangle. True / False will ask Yes / No questions. Wh As will ask questions and conduct skimming and scanning activities. EN.8.03 sets out the given words, sentences and paragraphs in a meaningful context. Silent reading
• Teacher will ask for questions, poetry as well as cross-sectional interpretation, whilst asking questions.
• Re-initialize the story and leave it incomplete. Next, students will be asked to speak a single sentence to complete the sequence.